Everybody knows the health benefit of green tea! In fact it has such goodness that it is also a popular ingredient in beauty products.

How do you like your green tea to be and how do you usually drink it? For me, it is the default drink every time i visit a Japanese restaurant. It’s almost as if you don’t need any other choice.

My favorite type of green tea is Matcha (Yes they are both green tea but there’s a distinctive difference!), i love it in everything including ice cream, chocolate, and any sort of desserts. Matcha is so much love!! However Matcha is has much higher caffein than the usual loose-leaf green tea, so now that i am pregnant i am sticking to lighter version of green tea.

I received this cute bento box yesterday!!

And i wondered what it is??

Could my danna have made me a “Tsumaben” (bento for wife) since i have always make him his “dannaben”?

Well… i wish, but what comes inside the bento box was awesome too!


Oishi Green Tea in different flavors!!


This is the original flavor in a 380ml bottle which i have tried before.

And then there’s the new 300ml can format! They are actually a new size by Oishi. I have tried the bottle one before, and i’m happy to know that they have other flavors too!

In Genmai flavor.

And honey lemon flavor, for whose who likes a little bit of citrus zest! If you like black tea, there’s a fourth flavor which is the Lemon Black Tea too!


I love green tea but sometimes in restaurants more often than not the green tea ended up really “kao” and has an overly bitter aftertaste with slight tartness, probably because the tea leaves have been steeped too long, or the tea has been left out there for too long.

Oishi Green Tea is just right for my taste for green tea right now because it is slightly sweetened (very important!!! Most canned green tea in the market is soooo sweet), and it tastes freshly aromatic without being too heavy at all.

Another thing i like about Oishi Green Tea is that stands apart from other brands as it is brewed from 100% organic tea leaves grown on certified organic plantations and uses only natural ingredients. Now that sounds really healthy!

Anyway, i try to take leisure walks since walking is the best gentle exercise for pregnant mommies! It’s nice to bring Oishi Green Tea with me since it’s so compact, and just drink it up when i pause for a rest.

It’s also a great healthy party drink!! Was over at Qiu Qiu’s house for her Xmas house party and she served this for the pregnant woman!! (Other people are having booze haha.)

While i still wish that one day i’ll own my precious tea set for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, right now convenience will do! I don’t even have to boil water and soak my tea leaves. The bottles and the new 300ml cans are just the right size and ready to drink, and you can bring it anywhere with you!!


Next time when you see them remember to try it out if you haven’t!!