How was everyone’s 2015? I wrote about my 2015 wrap up post here. Moving forward!! It’s CNY soon and i’m really excited for the Monkey year becauseeeeee my new daughter will be born in the year of Monkey!! Apparently she will be very compatible with my zodiac 😀

I’m very lucky i get to celebrate the Japanese New Year AND Chinese New Year so i get to absorb allllll the auspiciousness and optimism from both cultures!

This year i’m surrounding myself with 8 Auspiciousness from Coca-Cola!

This is 2016’s limited edition Eight Cola-Cola Chinese New Year Cans. Already feel very prosperous looking at the vibrant color and design!

The wonderful thing about the new cans is that each of them comes with 8 different symbolism and wishes to usher the new year with!

Let’s see what they are:

The 8 Wishes:

事业顺利: Smooth Sailing Career

情场得意: Flourish In Love

财源滚滚: Abundance In Wealth

青春常驻:Lasting Youthfulness

贵人相助: Benefactors Aplenty

学业有成: Academic Success

生意兴隆:Prosperity In Business

合家平安: Peace In The Family

I think 2015 had been quite a tough year for a lot of people around me, including my own family. But we always stay optimistic and hope for a better year ahead.

I am very excited for the Red Fire Monkey year because i believe it would be a good year for me and my family.

Here are some of the symbolisms that i think are especially significant for me this year:

Smooth Sailing Career

I already have lots of new opportunities since the beginning of 2016!! Something really exciting is gonna come! It’s going to be challenging to be a mother of two and juggle with a career at the same time, but i hope that i learn how to take a breather when needed, and have a smooth and easy career life for 2016!

Benefactors Aplenty

This one is especially significant to me, because in 2015, a lot of times i sailed through difficulties because of 贵人, be it friends around me, wise mentors, kindness from strangers and even the help of a Hakone tree hahaha. I am forever thankful and i hope that in 2016 i can also pay it forward, receiving and giving at the same time!

Peace In The Family

And this is probably my biggest wish.

Nothing is more important for me than a happy, healthy family. We will be having a new family member soon so the more i wish we can stay close together, grow together as a family. May there be love abundant and peace for the whole 2016 for us. 🙂

There was a set of special greeting cards in my Coca-Cola package which i think is a perfect way to convey well wishes for my loved ones and friends. Thank you Coca-Cola!

I mean, nowadays everybody just forward greetings in templates via smartphone to their friends and family, i think it’s time we go backwards to sit down and write a card. Instead of just the generic Gong Xi Fa Cai , now you can choose a message that suits the needs of your special ones and send your heart-felt feelings to them. So feel free to create your own greeting cards and gift it together with your special Coca-Cola can!

So I’m going to find 8 people to give these cans to, and i’m now drafting my message cards!

You can get these limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans from the stores from now onwards!