Before i forget, let’s do this and see what happened in year 2015!

Actually this pretty much sums it up.

Baby, babies and more babies.

I went back to my 2014 post to see what kind of things that i wrote (i didn’t even remember if i wrote one, that’s how much your baby is messing with your brain).

And i wrote that my resolutions for 2015 were:

1. Be as happy as i did in 2014!!! If not more!

I think it has been a very happy year.

It wasn’t as smooth sailing as 2014 because i got really busy with motherhood and our family had less time spent together because of work. I was quite stressed out with some issue (and still trying to sort it out), and i was really depressed for a short period of time when the haze was haunting the whole country.

But overall it was a good year. I think i did well for the me in 2014.

2. Maybe come to Japan as often as i used to. Be as patient as i have this year. Learn how to make solid food for Junya. Eat more vegetables.

Unfortunately we couldn’t go back to Japan as much as i liked to. I broke my 3-year streak and i missed Sakura season (and going to miss it again in 2016 because i’d be too pregnant to fly T__T). I even rejected a couple of trips to Japan due to a clash of schedule.But Japan, i’ll always spiritually be together with you.

As for patience… i still need to work on that. 🙁

Learn how to make solid food for Junya: It was real solid. Lolol.

Eat more vegetables: Nope. Although i’m making my son to. So i guess i indirectly accomplished this resolution.

3. Be a mother Junya can feel proud of.

I’m not sure about this because all Junya tells me is “mama carry, carry!” nowadays. But what i know is that i am proud of him.




What happened in 2015

1. We brought Junya back to Nagasaki to meet his Ojiichan for the first time. We spent our Japanese New Year as a family together, and i wish we could do more of that.

2. Traveled to Tokyo for Hello Kitty Hotel stay, went to Bali with the danna and Junya for the first time,go back to Tokyo again for family summer trip, brought Junya to Singapore for the first time, road trip to Penang with Junya and Champon for the first time, family beach holiday to Cherating for the first time, back to Japan for Beauty Journey filming, and lastly family trip back to Tokyo in autumn.

Hmmm. Wow. Now i just realized how greedy i sound. I have been back to Japan 4 times this year, twice with family and yet i was saying that it wasn’t as frequent as i liked to. I guess missing out sakura was a huge blow for me. But now i’m totally grateful that i decided to write this post. Sometimes you really forget to be grateful if you stop counting the blessings.

3. Went to Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert for the first time. With Junya.

4. Crossed off another of my bucket list, HAWAII!!!! (I just realized i haven’t even blogged anything about it!) Now i can just focus back on my other 24 prefectures in Japan.

5. Made a couple of new friends/got closer to a couple of old friends and i think that’s one of the biggest blessings of 2015. The danna has been so busy with work and these are the people who were giving me all the support, be it tapao food for me for just sending me comforting LINE stickers. I’m so thankful for you guys.

6. Live in Singapore. Although for now it’s just half the time. I always joke with my Singaporean friends and tell them i’m joining them here. But I never thought that it would happen for real. It’s very challenging as i’m half way through my pregnancy and i have to do so much traveling, but so far i think i like it here. Although i really wish i can stop converting and multiply everything by 3 and hear my heart scream in pain.

7. Get pregnant again. I am really glad that it happens now even though i’m quite scared shitless how i am going to juggle both kids and have a sort-of job at the same time. But i guess i’ll just take it as mommy-level-up. Like Pokemon. I mean Pokemom. Or a clown in training, with more balls on hand.


My new year resolution:

1. There’s a new project i’m currently working on which is still at a hush hush stage, but i really hope everything turns out well!!!

2. Be emotionally stronger, be more less selfish like me and more selfless like the danna (probably the hardest resolution i’ve ever made. But baby step), continue to practice patience.


4. Go back to Nagasaki to see Junjun’s grandfather again. Go back to Hakone to give thanks to the baby tree, again.

5. Cook better.

6. Visit more prefectures in Japan, hopefully the Tohoku.

7. Give birth to cute baby girl.

8. Continue to keep this blog alive.

9. Always be grateful and don’t forget to count my blessings.

10.Be the best mother i ever can be to Junya and his little sister.


That’s all for this year. Wish everyone a happy 2016!!