Soooo, here’s your reason to finally visit Japan (for the first time, or again, for the 15th time!!)

I receive enquiries on traveling to Japan all the time and i am very sorry i couldn’t reply all of them (yes i feel bad, i am trying to!!!). But a travel fair that focuses on Japan and Japan and everything about Japan is probably better than my blog posts combined.

So it is happening next week:

12-14 Feb 2016, at 1 Utama Shopping Center (LG Oval).

Let me give you a quick guide on what’s gonna happen on that day!

This amazing event is organized by JNTO and supported by the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. They will be lots of participating travel agents to help you with your queries on traveling to Japan.

And… here are the event highlights!

Yukata Photo Session

Specially for the ladies!!

There are two Yukata wearing experience + photo sessions for FREE!

I loooove Yukata! It always reminds me of my own Yukata moments.

Was 7 months pregnant with Junya when i was wearing this XD

Was 6 weeks pregnant with second baby when wearing this hahahah.


It’s Sushi Time!

For the sushi lovers!!

There will be a sushi master from Japan to demonstrate how you can make a sushi boat, anddddd of course, the visitors get to sample free sashimi!!

Also there will be a sushi eating contest on stage, sushi lovers don’t miss it out!


Rilakkuma Meet & Greet

Who loves Rilakkuma??

I do! Take a photo with  Rilakkuma, hailing all the way from Japan!


Fun Games!

There are also lots of fun traditional Japanese games for you to join!

Daruma Otoshi is played by using a small hammer to hit each of the colored pieces, from bottom to the top, without letting the pieces fall during the game!

I looooove Syateki! Mainly because i am quite good at it and i usually win prizes from this game lol. It’s a very old school arcade game. Let’s see what i can win that day!! 😀


Dance and Song Performance

Yasakoi Dance is a energetic summer dance that’s usually performed in Japanese schools and festive events. Love how colorful it looks, it’s gonna for sure bring a lot of fun Japanese vibes into the whole event!


Cheesie’s Japan Travelogue

By… ahem… me.

YES!! I will be there 3 days in a row, to share about all the secret tips to traveling in Japan!!! Hahhaah. So if you are upset that i never reply your email enquiry about Japan, here’s your revenge chance to come throw eggs at me. Ok kidding. Please don’t. Just come and enjoy the show 🙂

A little bit of insider info!! On Friday i will be talking about food, on Saturday i will talk about travel tips and on the last day, make up tips! ^^


Japan Travel Fair Schedule:

Please come at any time at your convenience ^^



No event can be complete with a little bit of perks!!!

When you pruchase any travel packages or even just airfares, get a travel essential selfie stick for those precious moments.



Huh, all you need to do is spend RM50 in 1 Utama. Just go for a lunch with your buddies and confirm you spend more than that. Then come and win your ticket to Japannnnnn!!!!! And there will be 1 Grand Prize winner for each day!! To up your chance please come every day! Hahaha.


Lastly, have you realized how pink this whole blog post is?

Yes, most of the travel theme will be related to spring time, which means the romantic, breathtakingly beautiful sakura.

Just to tempt you with one last picture. Completely no edit. Two years ago, on my birthday!

You get to experience this yourself, if you allow yourself this precious chance.

Come join me!

12-14 Feb 2016, at 1 Utama Shopping Center (LG Oval).