Japan post!

This blog post is about traveling with Tokyo Metro (Tokyo subway/Tokyo Chikatetsu) with a very attractive tourist price around Tokyo city and…… how to safe money. 😀

The theme this time around is “beauty”, which is one of the hottest travel themes in japan right now (remember my Beauty Journey filming at West Japan last year?). Well, i can’t blame them. Being in Japan alone already makes one feel more beautiful. #truestory. Just ask any vain bloggers who has visited Japan recently. The air and water makes your hair softer, and selfies looks better too with non-greasy make up!

I am so grateful for my itinerary planner because i just only came back from a full-packed trip in Osaka, while it was super fun, it also exhausted me a lot.

During my trip last week, while at 6-month pregnant, all i needed to do is chill, eat healthy food and get pampered and feel beautiful!

Tokyo Subway Ticket

Did you know that as a tourist in Japan, you can purchase the Tokyo Subway Day Ticket, which allows you unlimited line on Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway (basically all the underground subways in Tokyo city).

It’s such a great deal!!! I was staying 3 days in Tokyo (before moving to Tohoku) and the ticket price in total is only 1500 Yen!!!

Usually train rides will cost between 170 yen to 280 yen, and i am VERY SURE that as a tourist, you are gonna make more than 10 separate train rides for 3 days. Well, worth it!!

Here’s a quick chart for you to see the different day passes you will need and the fare:

I got mine from Narita airport. Remember, it is only sold by travel agencies, at airports (both Haneda and Narita) and certain hotels. You can check Tokyo Metro’s Site for the locations you can purchase. And, you will need a passport to purchase it since it’s exclusively for tourists only!


So… my beauty journey begins!

The day i arrived in Tokyo, there were left over snow everywhere. Well they were more like little ice hills, since it rained and all the snow got frozen hard. But i was still excited. I haven’t seen snow for such a long time!


The hotel i stayed in was Tokyu Stay Aoyama, which is just a minute’s walk from Gaienmae Station. It’s a lovely (but very narrow and tiny) apartment-style hotel at a very convenient place.

They serve lovely breakfast!! The Minestrone was so good i had 4 bowls of it lol.

Starting my day with my first Tokyo Metro Ride, at Gaienmae Station!

Head Spa Session

The first itinerary is a head spa pampering session at Meiji Jingumae (Harajuku), which is two stops and one transit away from my current station.

Waiting for my train on Ginza Line, taking a stop at Omotesando, and change to Chiyoda Line and it’s just one stop away!

Reached!!! Haha I need to stop posing with my Metro ticket XD

I was in for a nice little head spa treatment at a salon in Harajuku.

Feels soooo good! Mama and baby having a relaxed time 🙂 My head spa service was 6,000 yen.


Healthy Lunch

Since Harajuku and Omotesando is just a short walk away, i decided to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurant in Omotesando Hills, Yasai-Ya MEI.

Did i say that i am addicted to Japanese vegetables?!

This restaurant is not vegetarian, but it has a very healthy selection of (mostly) organic and premium quality vegetable dishes. Mine was a Daikon Steak with grilled fish set meal, complete with red rice, pickles, side dish, miso soup and salad.

Have you seen any daikon THIS big?! It was the perfect meal. I feel like i’m doing my baby such a great favor 😀


Nail Session

Next up on the itinerary is a nail pampering session!

I took a short walked to Omotesando Station and head to Shibuya Station.

You can either take the Hanzomon Line or Ginza Line, and it’s merely one stop away from Shibuya!


Maternity Tag

By the way, did you know? If you are pregnant like me, you can get one of those maternity tag (the Japanese call it the Mataniti-Ma-ku), which will really help when you board the subway.

Anyway, read more on train etiquette here.

Just go to any major Tokyo Metro Information Counter and ask for one. Nope you don’t have to show any documents at all. They just take your word for it, they even asked how many i needed XD.

I love Tokyo T____T. I had a harrrd time getting one in Kansai, most of the train station officers haven’t even heard of it T_T.


By the way i got mine from Omotesando station!! Ok back to heading to Shibuya!


I took the Hanzomon Line since it arrived quicker (the Ginza Line is just right behind, so you can board whichever train comes first).

Before my nail appointment, i dropped by Hikarie and did a quick round of souvenir shopping ^^

So i arrived at my nail service destination!

It’s a really exclusive home nail parlour, and the nailist speaks perfect English so a lot of customers from overseas will visit her.

I love it!!! The couch was soooo comfortable and I was the only customer and there was even a big TV screen showing Mama Mia the movie, so it really made me feel like a super VIP.

Here’s my nail design!! I specifically asked for a Valentine’s design (choclate, necklaces and hearts), and a Gelatoni because… i miss JunJun T___T. And Gelatoni is his favorite.

The salon is called Nail Salon PINKY and my gel nail art was ¥12,600. To be honest i think it’s a little pricey, but considering the salon is super exclusive and it’s of good quality, i think if you are looking for a splurge, why not!


Eyelash Extension

It is sooo awesome! I mean, all i did was short walkings and then i just to sit down for a couple of hours and just relaxxxxxx, and have myself beautified. Pregnancy travels can’t get better than this XD.

Next stop i’m going back to Omotesando for my eyelash extension session.

Haha promoting Tokyo Metro pass again.

This was my before and after!! The session took 90 minutes in total, and it was sooooo comfortable i promptly fell asleep the entire process.

And let me tell you, nothing beats Japanese lash extension in Japan. And guess how much it cost?! It was a 60 minutes unlimited extension (you can ask for as much as you like) and it was only ¥6,690 (about SGD78)?!? I heard some higher quality Singaporean lash extension can go up to SGD200?!?! Japan is awesome. I love you.

The eyelash salon name is Daimond Lash, Omotesando branch. It’s been about two weeks now and my lashes are still almost intact!


Yummy Dinner

Last itinerary of the day was meeting up Miyabi at my favorite cafe, of course, 76CAFE at Omotesando.

You will just have to exit Omotesando Station A2 exit, turn right and walk about 2 minutes (turn right after you pass by Flying Tiger/Afternoon Tea).

NALU Hair Salon is right upstairs.

I usually come here for lunch so it’s one of the rare times i’m trying their dinner menu! Looks like they added a lot of new stuff!1. 1. The 76Special Fruity Smoothie ( a blend of guava and kiwi and peach!)

2. Vongole Bianco Pasta, which was very mochi-mochi (chewy pasta texture which i loooove), it was so so good!

3. Miyabi’s Japanese-style roast duck.

4. The signature lady bird mousse cake.

Thank you always <3

So glad i had time to catch up with her!!

After that i went upstairs to say hi to all NALU staff too! ^^

That’s all for Tokyo Metro Beauty Trip Day 1!!

76CAFE and NALU’s website here!


Continue the next day soon ^^

For more info on Tokyo Metro, please visit their official website: