Photo post on Nagasaki!

The danna (then kareshi) and I went to Huis Ten Bosch 4 years ago in spring 2012, this time we brought Junya back to the same theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.

There was a super romantic Rose Festival back then (they are gonna have it this year too in May), and this time around it was the Tulips Festival.

Huis Ten Bosch’s website here!

I have been to Holland before and I must say this is quite a beautiful replica of little Dutch towns!

Didn’t know tulips come in soooo many pretty colors!

There’s an Owl Forest for Harry Potter fans XD

Cutest garbage bins!

Lunch at one of the seafood canteen, live seafood BBQ!

BBQ oysters and scallops, so goood!

The danna insisted I try the Cheese Ramen. It was not bad!

Hahah LINE Bear Papa totally not ready for the self-timer.

One more!^^

Tulip garden.

I really love Huis Ten Bosch! It is so well maintained, and very relaxing because the crowd is nowhere near as crazy as Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studio in Osaka. It’s just nice to take slow, long strolls without having to line up for anything at all.

Lots of pretty colors everywhere! Very carnival-like!

The prettiest train!!

Would love to visit the attractions in Thriller City next time, when the kids are bigger!

A popular Nagasaki Castella sampling counter at one of the gift shops!

Erm… Chocolate X Curry? D: #OnlyInJapan

We then spent a long time at the Retro arcade where the whole family had lots of fun!

Hahah Chun Li with her baby and a huge belly XD

All the super nostalgic retro games! Papa showing his son how to fight like a badass lol.

There are also JunJun-friendly games.

Junya’s first fight!

Look mama’s on TV!

This picture is taken at the trick art museum! JPY10,000 on the floor…… Cheat One™.

Drawing for the aquarium (where your fish picture will turn up live swimming on the screen!). JunJun and Mama colored the seahorse while papa did the… mutated whale fish.

Snack time!!!

Do try the Amao Ichigo Dorayaki!!

At Teddy Bear Kingdom, where Teddy Bears from all around the world are collected here!

I especially love the Japanese version because it’s so rare to see teddies in traditional Japanese costumes.

Family Portrait.

Okuizome is a traditional ceremony where a baby celebrates her first meal at 100 day old.

Omiyamairi is the baby’s first shrine visit when he/she is 1 month old.

Family having fun.^^

Gift shops with lots and lots of cute pink stuff!!!


It’s recommended to get a Full Day Pass for Huis Ten Bosch because you don’t wanna miss the night illumination!!

Dutch town in the night.

Tulip Light-up Festival

Also must go on the Ferris wheel!!! Because these are the views from above:

Rainbow waterfall and tower!!!

You canalso take a romantic cruise through the musical lit-up river.

And lastly, dinner with JunJun and papa.

That’s all for today! ^^


You can check out Huis Ten Bosch‘s website if you are heading to Nagasaki/Kyushu area.