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The danna and I made it a point to go back to Nagasaki for our trip back to Japan despite the super tight schedule this time because we haven’t been back since Junya was 6 months old, and for sure Jiji missed his grandson a lot.

We decided to fly to Nagasaki directly on the first day we landed in Tokyo. We took JAL from Kuala Lumpur so once we landed in Narita, we transferred to Haneda for our domestic flight from Tokyo to Nagasaki.

Junya was fascinated by the planes.

Our first meal in Japan!!!  Immediately I went straight for hardcore luxurious seafood lol.

Mentaiko Gyutan Don. LOOK AT THE MENTAIKO WILL YOU. Soooooooo huge!

Anpanman vending machine selling all sort of kids drinks.

JunJun chose vegetable and apple juice.

Arrived at Nagasaki! We rented a car and drove straight to Jiji’s house.

Spent the evening together catching up with Jiji ^^

Compared to a cluless immobile 6-month-old baby, Junya can now call “Ojiichan”, make simple greetings, and of course… run around in the house. Time really flies! The next time we come back there will be one BIG baby and one small baby!!

Supper at our compulsory stop: Shianbashi Ramen that is made famous by Fukuyama Masaharu’s visits as he is from Nagasaki!

Trivia time: Fukuyama Masaharu is the danna’s Senpai in primary school!!!!!!! And he said he knows exactly where he stays in Nagasaki XD.

Happy that he recently got married. Faster make babies!!!!!!!!!!

Legendary oden.

Bakudan (Bomb) ramen. Forever tastes soooo good.

Our hotel of the night was right on top of the hill overlooking one of the 3 best night views in the world!

Makes me just love Nagasaki so much.

And the local Nagasaki Ichigo at only 380 yen!!!!!! Can you count how many there are in a pack!!! 😀

These are very round and cute and tiny Ichigo called Sagahonoka (originated from Saga prefecture), not as famous and premium as other branded Ichigo but this was soooo soft (which you can’t keep long) it’s almost like eating cotton T___T.

So happened the TV channel was showing a special feature on Ichigo too lol.

Woke up to this view.

Maybe one day I will really retire in Nagasaki. <3

Healthy buffet breakfast the next morning! The standard natto, white rice, miso soup, curry.

Side salad and juice!

JunJun loves his cherry tomato!

Preggo coordinate haha. There are only a grand total of two pairs of pants I can manage to fit in now XD.

Mama and bb getting ready for Huis Ten Bosch (next blog post!)

Snack in the car!

We love ichigo!!!!

Also!!!! We bought the sakura mochi version of Gari Gari Kun!

Speaking of Gari Gari Kun, they recently made a huge public apology for a 10 yen price hike in 25 years. 10 yen!!!!!!!! Gari Gari Kun is a brand of ice cream that has been around in Japan for decades and their prices had remain 6o yen (!!!! That’s like SGD0.70, cheaper than the Orchard Road ice cream sandwich lolol) until this April.

The company’s CEO himself appeared in the video along with many of the employees, giving a deep bow for the inevitable price hike. T_T

#ThisIsJapan #OnlyinJapan


In the night time we went for family dinner!!!

JunJun meets his only cousin again!

I don’t know if it runs in the family but both of them were super shy although they like each other. XD

Nagasaki boys are just very subtle and act cool hahahha. They were playing very gently and a bit awkwardly lolol.

Jiji also very cool. The danna also very cool. Ok now I confirm it runs in the family.


On the second night we changed hotel and stayed in Dormy Inn near China Town, the danna picked this hotel because he remembered how I was crazy with the soft water in that hotel (mentioned about it in my previous blog entry too!)

Basically the hotel has a “softener device” to process their water in the hotel room, which means all the water you drink, wash, bathe are all “soft water”. Super yummy and makes your skin and hair super super awesome soft and smooth!!

Only people who understand Japanese will get the hilarious pun lolol.

The next morning we visited Jiji’s shop for breakfast!! He has probably run this shop for… over 40 years? And every day without  fail he wakes up 4am to prepare and cook the dishes for bento.

The danna said this is what he grew up with. Just plain onigiri, and also his family’s specialty – Tororo Konbu onigiri.

Everything is super simple. The simplest Goto Udon which was so so so so so good. Dashi is of course home made. Jiji soaked the mushrooms, konbu, katsuobushi and boiled overnight.

It was just such bliss to let Junya try his Jiji’s homecooked food!

Bento for the road trip!!

That’s all!! Update again when I have time ^^