Do you know “Hoppe Chan”?

If you haven’t heard, Hoppe Chan is currently the most popular character among elementary and junior highschool girls in Japan.

From Hoppe Chan’s official website.

It is so popular that there’s a loooong queue outside the Harajuku shop.

There are even magazines just dedicated to Hoppe Chan!!


And this superstar character, has just made its debut in Kuala Lumpur!!

Little Harajuku is a new accessories shop located at 3rd floor, Berjaya Times Square, coming all the way from Japan!!

The official opening launch was on 2nd April, my birthday!! Was honored to be invited for their ribbon cutting ceremony.

Hoppe Chan’s logo.

Came here with JunJun!!

Even before the opening, there were a lot of Japanese mothers with their kids waiting outside the shop waiting to go in!! And the kids went craaaazy shopping. It really looks like it’s a big hit especially with little girls!

JunJun with his first moustache Hoppe Chan.

Shopping with JunJun.

Junya chose his Hoppe Chan. He really does love pink a lot XD.

“Mama!! Hoppe Chan Ice cream!!!”

Did you know in Little Harajuku, they are selling a selection of Limited Edition Malaysian Hoppe Chan items??? For the first time there’s a Japanese product that is available only in Malaysia! Awesome!! 😀

I’ve had a look around, and even though I am a mother now, I think I know why all the girls fall in love with Hoppe Chan, just like many other cute Japanese characters.

This is the Odango Hoppe Chan series, one of my favorite!!

Sakura Odango Hoppe Chan.

Most of the products are made in Japan, which explains the price tags and high quality. And collectibles in Japan are also usually priced around this range.

Deco mirrors and accessories!!!

More Hoppe Chan accessories like socks, coin pouch, band aids and many more!

Hoppe Chan T shirts

Some of the Hoppe Chan accessories are really affordable though!! Like this deco nail set is only RM11!

Other than Hoppe Chan, Little Harajuku is also selling many affordable kids toys and accessories!

Star glasses

Lots of hair accessories!

Fancy hair extension clips.

Chanwon who loves all cute Japanese things came all the way to help me babysit Junya ^^. Our floral headbands are also from Little Harajuku <3

Neko Mimi headband

Even Hoppe Chan schoolbags. Haha i know it is for elementary school students, but…. I totally can use one too! XD
Head over to West part of Times Square, 3rd Floor for your first Hoppe Chan collection!
And check out

Little Harajuku’s FB page

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