Stealing some time to blog during the nap time of two babies!!

During our trip to Nagasaki earlier this March, we had one day free after our overnight stay in Huis Ten Bosch, so the danna asked if I wanted to visit Saga prefecture, which is about just half an hour drive away from Sasebo, where Huis Ten Bosch is located.

I was super excited and asked him, “what’s there to see in Saga???” and he was like, “Nothing.”

He only wanted to bring me there because he knew I wanted to check one more prefecture off my life mission (which is to visit ALL the prefectures in Japan).

I haven’t heard anything particularly interesting about Saga too, except for their beef. Saga beef is famous even in Malaysia! But I really appreciated the danna’s kind thoughts and looked forward to the road trip very much!

Breakfast: Ichigo Nama Cream Sandwich and Meiji milk from Famima.

Sigh. Have to wait half more year or more again for this.

Saga town from our car window!!

It’s just like Nagasaki, it’s a seaside town, but a lot a lot more kampung than Nagasaki city haha. We had no destination in mind whatsoever, just driving along and feeling the vibes of a new town.

The 24th Prefecture Conquered: SAGA.

But coming all the way, we knew we wanted to have a good lunch. A quick search online and we decided to go for seafood at Kawataro!

Other than beef, Saga prefecture is also famous for live squid. And if you remember my experience about the crying live squid from Nagasaki, it is actually a restaurant that serves Saga cuisine.

I’m not sure if this poster is meant to tease your appetite…

Live squid. As lively as it gets.

This is actually the first time I saw swimming live squid. Usually they were already on my plate.

Junya woke up from his nap.

Perfect Onsen Tamago that comes with our set meal.

Osuimono (clear soup)

The star is here!!!

Dunno la maybe some people thinks it is gross (or even cruel, but anyway it doesn’t move anymore), but the ones you eat at sushi shops that are pressed on top of rice is the same thing anyway XD.

I love it!!!!! It is amazing how different the texture is when eaten raw. Grilled ones are chewy and springy but the fresh sashimi has a creamy texture!

The danna decided to go all out with budget so we also ordered a whole box of fresh uni and it was the best freaking uni ever T_____T.

And by the way it was only 3,000 yen which is like RM100. In KL it would costs at least double. Now to think of it I totally regret not ordering another box T____T.

Ahhhhhh my uniiiiii

Ika Shyumai (Squid Siew Mai), another Saga specialty. This one is really addictive, with a dash of Yuzu Pepper on top.

The rest of the squid went through some deep frying

And grilling.


Super happy meal!!!


The final mission in Saga was to get my Gotochi Kitty cuz I pretty much gave up on sight seeing given no homework done whatsoever on Saga XD. Usually all these cute souvenirs are selling in gift shops at touristy places, so I asked danna what are the tourist spots in Saga, and he didn’t know. He tried asking the locals, and there were like… uh… here?


And then he tried to rephrase the question and asked if they know any souvenir shops around, and the locals very helpfully pointed him to places that sell souvenirs, such as this…

lol. Okay.

The danna then tried to google and called a couple of “gift shops” and asked if they sell Gotochi Kitty, and apparently the shop staff had never heard of Gotochi Kitty before XD.

Waiting with JunJun in the car while papa asked around.

So we left Saga prefecture and headed back to Nagasaki without any Gotochi Kitty. T_T I was disappointed, but I was more touched than sad that the danna took my Gotochi obsession so seriously.

Just when we were about to enter Nagasaki on the highway, the danna stopped by the rest area for a break.

JunJun with giant Matcha soft cream.

And drinking from the water fountain for the first time.


Found my Saga prefecture Gotochi Kitty. T______T.

Rest area souvenir shops are really still your best bet.