I love Japan so much i will eat live squid eyes

It wasn’t even a joke. Unlike killing sixteen-eared raccoons for a bowl of Okinawa Soba. That was a joke. I mean, i will NEVER kill a sixteen-eared raccoon because ears are very precious. Plus we are allowed to eat squid right? Right???

Ok imma blog about my first LIVE SQUID experience. You guys should get a bucket or something. Just in case.

I had no idea what it was about i just blindly followed the native kareshi into the shop not knowing that someone’s gonna shove a LIVE SQUID EYE BALL into my mouth wtf.

The shop.

Owned by an old couple and they are just soooooooooo nice my god i love all these kampung people in Japan they are like your typical kind friendly Japanese just 1000000X nicer T__T

So the old lady owner brought out this squid thing in a plate.

IT WAS  STARING AT ME  i swear, and the black spots on its back was changing and spreading and shrinking my god all the time i was just staring in amazement with my mouth open like


Apparently it was still (kind of) alive and still “breathing”. It felt like Davy Jones’s angry helpless baby.

So the owner cut some of its tentacles off and put it in our plate so that was the sashimi course.

I’m sure you guys have seen those Korean live octopus videos and this is like that, except it’s not as grotesque because squid is smaller and not so monsterly looking.

I waited until it stopped moving completely before i ate it wtf.

The bugger went, wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah WTF

And then the squid was brought back in to the kitchen.

When it came out next it was lying on top of six pieces of rice wtf amen.



And also covered in batter wtf.

Tempura and sushi was nice so i thought hmmm ok that was the end of the meal AND THEN!

The lady came in and said okay NOW IT IS TIME TO EAT THE EYES


(My face was like that for the next ten minutes)

I told the kareshi “i am NOT gonna eat that thing” and he was like,

oooh, and i thought you love Japan? Seems like you don’t love it that much  afterall huh” and then feigned a disappointed face but then i caught him looking all like emo5 goddammit.

And i was allemp2  and challengedenied.jpg


For the faint hearted please leave this page and look at Xiaxue’s igloo eating a rosebud thanks.

But if you wanna know how squid eyes look like here it is:

(you are going to regret this)






(you still have time to back out)






(too late)



(That was my expression, not the squid’s. Any resemblance is purely coincidental)




Just so you know,  the middle part was the “mouth” and she made me touch it while it was still breathing and the brown thingy is the guts. Or whatever tastes like guts. Which i suspected you all ate before if you have had ika shiokara or chinmi.



Here’s another picture for your appetite.


So the lady said, to eat it you must extract the eyeball so she squeezed the eyes and it liquifies WTF and then she said that it was the squid’s tear wtf WE WERE GOING TO EAT A CRYING SQUID WTF


The eye went SPLASH and the plate was overflowed with liquid.

My whole body went soft like jello.

And then after it stopped crying it became liddis

A plate of tears, an eyeball and…. torn eye bag (?)


And i was like NOOOOOO I DON’T WANNA DO THIS but the lady was like it isn’t as scary as you think it is, just try it

And i was like NOOOO



And that’s when the lady just shoved the eyeball into my mouth because my mouth was opened like that.

And then the eyeball melted in my mouth slowly until it became a solid stone, then i was made to spit the stone thing out and guess what the lady did?


“Now you have a new earring!!!”


And then she proceeded to do the same with the kareshi emo5


The end.

It was truly an eye-opening gourmet experience. LITERALLY.

No. Li-TEAR-ally.

So guys, that’s pretty much how much i love Japan. A live squid eyeball worth. I guess.

Kind of.


137 responses to “I love Japan so much i will eat live squid eyes”

  1. Nana Lopez says:

    I was laughing, grossed out and in awe at the same time while reading this!
    The worst things I ate while in Japan were raw liver and aloe vera straight from the pot!

  2. ef.ae says:

    i swear my mouth was ;O while reading the whole post!

  3. KY says:

    it’s not kiwi, i will eat it!

  4. Vanessa says:

    That poor squid!! *pity & grossed out*

  5. Pingping says:

    What is this I don’t even 😯

  6. Emily Chia says:

    Cheesie, I swear I can’t do the same thing as u!! You are really courageous!! But it really make me wonder how does it taste like sweet, salty, tasteless or what?

  7. Reiko says:

    This is truly an eye opening experience!
    Did you really get the stone and make it into an ear stud or something?
    Something memorable!!!

  8. Klk says:

    Oh god thats disgusting it looks like it tastes like a contact lens

  9. Cheryl Chan says:

    I was hungry when I read this blog post. Now I am full with gross, I can’t believe you actually eat that! Took a lot of courage though. Remind me of “FEAR FACTOR” XD

  10. Crazenne says:

    OMG Cheesie you have no idea how many dry pukes I had

    And how did that thing stick on your ear like that

  11. Morgan says:

    Omg you are so brave!! I never could have done that!! 😯 😯 I have the worst gag reflex … I was even gagging just looking at the picture, but I didn’t stop reading despite my repulsion *devoted reader 🙂

  12. Amy says:

    NFW! Ewwww! My bokkeumbap is about 2 make a return visit -_-

  13. Bella says:

    Did it taste good??

  14. Morgan says:

    also I’m bookmarking this post and staring at that squid eye if i ever need to eat less to lose weight haha

  15. Heidy says:

    LOL! Gotta love this post. It’s funny!
    Although the below part started to be so scary.
    Oh God…those eyes are huge n shiny!! >.<
    You're so brave to eat it. Haha.
    Interesting earring at the end. XD

  16. don says:

    now i regret coz i din listen to you to go xiaxue’s post look at igloo..

  17. Amy says:

    What did it taste like?? 😉

  18. Nikki says:

    lmao i did that for a science project! not that bad after you get over the idea that.. IM EATING AN EYE

  19. Evy says:

    I ♥ squid sushi sooooo much!!!!!! NEVER EVER tried squid eyes!!!!!! 😯 .. you’re so braved even if was forced! xD


  20. Jan says:

    hahahahaha.. yums…

  21. Alice says:

    I feel so sorry for the squid esp the part after it ‘teared’ wtf T_T

  22. LOL Cheesy… You are the BEST!

  23. oreo says:

    LOLL at the lady shoving it in ur mouth dangg i dont think i can do it!! ure brave !! lol

  24. yumii says:

    I AM so glad that I finished my lunch before reading this. good lord.

  25. DebbZ says:

    OMG ! Dunno what to say. You’re so brave!

  26. Kf says:

    awesome!! i was :O :O :O and D: D: D: with you all the way while reading it. LOLOL

  27. kimberlycun says:

    that is super cool!!!

  28. sop says:

    😯 LOLLOL dafuq did i just read

  29. Peggie says:

    😐 you’re so brave……i wont even dare to look at the eye ball….lol ><

  30. starmist says:


    So erm.. how does it taste like?

  31. kimmie says:

    …did she just stick it on your ear??!! 😯

  32. Isabel says:

    dafuq.. I eat the sashimi but the eyeball is just creepy.. Sumore she arrange on the plate like it’s staring at you like “You just ate my body, now I shall stare at you as you eat my eyes too” wtf! I cannot tahaaaannn!!

  33. afif shafie says:

    And u manage to take ALL photos to be posted here!! PRO or what?!

  34. aud says:

    the eyes looks like Wall E 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳

  35. Michelle says:

    i would eat this for sure! Just because I can!

  36. wen says:

    scarysauces… you never tell us how did it taste like :dunno:

  37. melody says:

    oh my goodnessssssssssssssssssss
    moving eyessssssssssssss
    but sooooo nice the earstud!!!!
    like magic like that!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish all our food can do that!!!! hahahaha

  38. NympheaRose says:

    Poor animal…. Don’t you ever think of what it feels to die that way?!?!? Animals are just like us. Have feelings and feel PAIN! Damn Cheesie, you really lost MANY points with this!

    • cheesie says:

      I disagree. Don’t ever let me catch you eating Big Mac. Cow have feelings too.

    • Joanne P. says:

      I agree that its kinda cruel to eat the squid in this sort of ‘still-alive’ process. But don’t project your disagreement and disgust upon Cheesie, she’s not the one being cruel to the squid.

      And its a Japanese cultural thing, so try to be respectful -__-;

      On the side note Cheesie, i hope you’re not traumatised from this experience because you really made me go “OMG, AHHHH NOOOO, STOOOPPP EEEEEE” throughout the whole time i was reading this post. Lol.

    • Huien says:

      WTF. She didn’t even know that she was going to eat the squid. And in a situation like that, you’d be too shock to react!!! It’s not like she was all “OMG SO FUN TEEHEE I’MMA EAT CHU UP” to the squid what!!!

    • Sherry Tsao says:

      DUDE! In the REAL WORLD, ANIMALS EAT OTHER ANIMALS ALIVE! 😐 Even squids get eaten alive by other sea predators. Just eat all your food on your plate and say thank you to the animal that sacrificed itself to be your dinner.

  39. Anivyl says:

    ok, I nearly died. ok. need to stop dying.

    on the other hand, we had fugu. it was interesting to watch the japanese girls tried to explain to us what part of the fish we were eating (lots of hand waving, O____O expressions etc etc LOL) but nothing. nothing… like this eye ball squid thing.

    ok. i have to admit, even when eating prawns, i turn the head away from me. T_T

    • cheesie says:

      Haha u eat Ikan bilis you also eat the whole thing ma.

      • Anivyl says:

        but i rarely eat ikan bilis, then when i do right, i close my eyes HAHAHAHAHA my parents used to try and feed me the eyeballs of the various fish we eat (you know the urban legends behind them la), and i always run away hahaha

  40. Joanne P. says:

    I agree that its kinda cruel to eat the squid in this sort of ‘still-alive’ process. But don’t project your disagreement and disgust upon Cheesie, she’s not the one being cruel to the squid.

    And its a Japanese cultural thing, so try to be respectful -__-;

    On the side note Cheesie, i hope you’re not traumatised from this experience because you really made me go “OMG, AHHHH NOOOO, STOOOPPP EEEEEE” throughout the whole time i was reading this post. Lol.

  41. Jessie says:

    aiya bitches please lah, eat live squid eyes also can kena complain about the animal feelings etc wtf. last year in lab we had to dissect squids. we somemore were asked to take their eyes out and identify the “stone”. it’s even cruel than eating the eyes cuz we poked and cut their eyes with scalpels.

  42. misskatv says:

    i can’t imagine myself eating these~! hahaha :)))) so how does it taste then? you didn’t tell us! hehehe

  43. Huien says:

    I looked at the eyes and felt guilty!!! OMGGGG. It’s staring right into my soul!!!

  44. Cat says:

    Ok so, everytime I feel super hungry and don’t have food at home, I’m going to read this post. orz

  45. Animal lover says:

    I love your blog a lot however this blog post made me feel sad. Poor squid that being served alive. CRUEL!!!

    • cheesie says:

      yea mussle and oyster were also alive before it gets into your mouth. fish and crab were also alive before it gets steamed. cute pigs were also alive before it gets burned into a crispy piece of bacon. Next time please kill an animal tenderly WITH LOVE before you eat them.

      • Liv says:

        not tenderly. how can there be love. humanely. that being said there’s going to worms coming out of the woodwork again with contention about that.

  46. Sarah says:

    OMG! That was such an awesome ending!!! haha new earring!

  47. fiionx says:

    ._. so the thingie on your ear lobe is the ‘stone’ ? D:

  48. Ashley says:

    I’m confused. How did that earring thing have anything to do with the eyes ?

  49. Liv says:

    I’MAAA GOBSMACKED!!!!!! I know how you love your food. You and many out there. Thank you for not using some fake animal joke as an emphasis for a point. I got your sarcasm though. ears!

  50. Laura says:

    O____O ….. T_______________T baaaahhh! *shiver* omg omg omg ew ew ew ew….

    you’re so courageous…

  51. stooffi says:

    omg cheesie you are so amusing!!!!!!! hahahaha
    how did it taste though?? do the different parts taste different?
    & appreciate that you reply all your comments!

  52. Kim says:

    I think I would have puked right there as soon as I saw that thing. D:

    At least you have an ear stud to remind you of the day you had squid. 😉

  53. Jenny says:

    to be honest, i feel “wow must taste nice! u so lucky!”… bcos I love eating fish eyes lolol…

  54. Jeffrey says:

    omfg. grossssss. i cant imagine myself having to eat that.

  55. Alex Ishibi says:

    OMG you’re fucking brave to eat that! 😯
    How did it taste btw? Is it yummy? lol 😆

  56. hitomineko says:

    woow.. yeah I think I would have the exact same reaction as you.. yeah.. no.. i still won’t plan to eat raw squid fish eye… = =…

    N the whole tear thing just traumatized me too! lol

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  57. Feefs says:

    O my gosh!!! Wow that is scary. But thanks for sharing that story!!! I love your blog!!! I’ve been reading for a while but too shy to say anything :blush: You’re such a sweetheart. Please blog lots and lots 😉

  58. Jing-Jing says:

    OMG this post is so funny and gross are the same time! I was like xD then D: then xD then D:
    I don’t think I could every eat a squid’s eye. I might throw up >__<

  59. Ewa says:

    so your ear had an eyeball.. 😆 😆 😆

  60. Joyce Tan says:

    So, the right way to eat it is to let it melt in your mouth instead of swallowing it?

  61. FionaChan says:

    !!!!!!! If I were you I wouldnt been able to take photos, because I would be too traumatized and feeling too guilty. D: Then I’ll probably pray and do some good deeds.

  62. Jessica says:

    My face is still =O right now. But my own kareshi said he ate a live squid when he was at Japan and he said he loved it while I went like EWWWWWW ._. are you gonna eat more squid after this? xD

  63. Lauren says:

    R.I.P little squid! I would of spat it straight back out hahaha ^_^

  64. beast says:

    So you we re forced to suck a “japs eye” ?
    Call the police

  65. Kiwi says:

    LOL this post was so fun to read.
    You are so brave… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat squid eyes, especially with it looking like they’re staring at me or something X_X

  66. Chaho says:

    I think i must have been the few who weren’t grossed out by this. LOL (I actually read the whole thing while drinking tea.)
    I feel REALLY bad for the squid though ;__; IT WAS CRYING. CRYINGGG. 😥

  67. Abigail says:

    S S S

    “Remember me, Cheesie?”, says the squid. “You will…”

    Hahaha all this aside, I truly love your blog Cheese :mrgreen: this is by far the most entertaining entry I’ve ever read on a blog, ever!

  68. beast says:

    Japs lack humanity
    Ive done a few things that people would view with distatse
    But that is just wanton cruelty
    you are not a nice person so you and the girl like BF will suffer

  69. WP says:

    Oh wow…yeah, that was one eye-opening blog post!

  70. VV says:

    U r still brave to eat the scary looking squid!! omg the eyes are really the scariest thing! :O

  71. Saphy says:

    I’m like



  72. ConstanceSQ says:

    Erm… I don’t understand the last part… What did the lady do to ur ear?? Or earring? :dunno:

  73. dan says:

    omg … that was down right freaky yeah. but they have tonnes of freaky stuff here … next time u ought to try live shrimps that are still wriggling … or kujira no seishi (dont know if i got the name right … or where they get that … or how they get it) … its a 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 experience too ….

  74. Pivaxi says:

    Where is this place?! I mean, I’m not very adventurous with food, but I can’t miss out on the experience of bragging to my friends that I HAVE BALLS! BALLS!!!

  75. kelly says:

    I looked.

    *nothing to do here.*

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  77. cezan says:

    how in the world?????

    this post reminds of the times my elders used to tell me… keep ur mouth closed else bugs will enter… & wtf… it did in ur case… squid eyeball soaked in it’s own tears heh???? **trying to controll reflex gagging…. _

    i will certainly remember to wear a face mask if, whenever i go to japan… dun wan nice old lady popping squid eyeballs into my mouth… X_X

  78. FledFrilk says:

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  79. rei says:

    Hi, im going to japan this coming July, may i know where is this shop?? I really wanna try it.:D

  80. Anonymous says:

    dumb japanese girln

  81. Lau Hui Ru says:

    OMG lucky I’m not forced to be that kind of adventurous eater. The eyes are like OMG seriously the eyebag makes it look damn gross!

  82. Christy says:

    I used to love eating fish eyeballs when I was younger. Not so much of a fan now though but the live squid one looks horrible still hahahahaha

  83. sgrmse. says:

    i think i’d love to do this with my boy friend just so i can see his expression(s) of horror & die laughing. reading this post on the second last day of 2013 .. still SO MUCH WIN.

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