The weather has been so crazy hot recently, or is it just me?

After giving birth, I have been staying home a lot to take care of one toddler and one baby, and even though the aircon is on, I feel like I am constantly trapped inside a sauna! I really cannot imagine other mommies who goes through “confinement” with no fan or aircon allowed. I am soooooo glad I don’t have to go through that.

I am sweating all the time and it feels really icky to have to hold my baby and nurse her when I’m all sticky but I simply don’t have the time to go for showers 5X a day T___T.

It would be really disastrous if she gets used to my sweaty scent lol so I try to stay fresh all the time, and deodorant would be one of the solutions but most of the deodorants in the market smells like cologne and it always leaves a powdery feel after that.

And… Japan did it again when it comes to ground-breaking beauty products. A deodorant from Japan that is completely fragrance-free, coloring-free, alcohol-free and additive-free, and most importantly has an amazing texture and lasts a whole day!

QB is Japan’s best selling deodorant cream that has 8 different natural ingredients for effective body odor prevention, at the same time helps moisturize your skin and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

What I love most is its super compact size!! It’s as small as a lip balm cream and you can just carry it anywhere you go.

The newly improved formula has a few benefits:

1.It has a velvety texture and is sooooo smooth on your skin you may mistake it as a lip balm.

2. You only need to apply a very thin layer and it lasts a whole day!

3. Very water resistant, it lasts through sweat and even after swimming.

4. It leaves zero white residue! It feels just like a color-less balm and very gentle on the skin.


It looks waxy and white but the moment you apply it it just melts onto your skin like a mosturizer.


How to apply:

Take up an appropriate amount and rub it into the skin of underarms, feet or anywhere you prone to sweat.
Use it over clean and dry skin after taking shower!

Now I can be as close as I want to my newborn baby (and maybe smell as good as her! :D)

You can purchase QB deodorant at Watson’s Malaysia and also!

Enjoy RM3 OFF when you purchase it from Tokyoninki’s website, just key in code : CHEESIEQB (valid until 30th June)!