Quick post!!

Two days ago I brought Junya and Sakura to Asobono! at Tokyo Dome City and had a date with my mamatomo Sayaka and her kids.

I just feel so lucky to have mama friends in all the cities we travel to! If not I’ll really be by myself at home with 2X cheesiepetit all the time T___T.

If you are looking for half a day to spend with kids in Tokyo, you can visit Tokyo Dome City, a huuuuuge entertainment town in Tokyo (subway station: Yurakucho). There are outdoor and indoor attractions and theme parks, a onsen spa complex and lots of shopping too!


There’s a new theme with each change of season, and this time it is summer festival, with a watermelon fest going on!

Kids went straight to the toy car section first XD.

The boys loved their toy vehicles! Anna joined the fun

While Sakura just chill with mama.

Or Aunty Sayaka <3

And then there’s the doll house.

“Feeding bae Sakura a slice of watermelon!”

And everybody’s favorite market place and kitchen. I’ve never eaten so much plastic food in one day lol.

There’s even a Sylvanian Families playroom!!!!


A whole box of Sylvanian animals!!!!! It’s really unbelievable how they don’t have to replace the box of toys everyday. If this is in Malaysia it would have been gone in a few hours lolol.

All the animal’s coordinates!

Road trip with bunnies <3

Junya crashing other girl’s house. When the girls finished playing they really put away the toys into their respective boxes according to the labels.


We spent about 2 hours in Asobono before the kids got hungry and we lunched at the food court nearby.

And then had dessert at Nana’s Green Tea. Sousuke wanted his shaved ice while the rest were napping.

LaQua is an onsen spa + shopping mall at Tokyo Dome City.

At this point Anna and Junya woke up from their nap, while Sousuke fell alseep. And I needed to put Sakura on the stroller so I can chase Junya around the mall. Thank god for strollers if you have two kids.

Looking out at the outdoor theme park!

After that it was mamas’ shopping time!! I don’t even remember the last time I shopped for myself in a real shopping mall.

And super happy cuz summer sales was still going on, everything was sooooo cheap. Or did everything become super cheap in Japan after a long shopping hiatus XD.

All the clothes I bought were less than 3000 yen (SGD39)! Had to refill my wardrobe with nursing-friendly clothes since that’s all I could wear now.

Ciaopanic X Peanuts top for Junya for 1500 yen. (SGD20)

Linen skirt that’s super good quality for 2900 yen.

Super comfy top for 1900 yen. (SGD25)

Also 1900 yen!

Only 1000 yen each!!!!


Ok that’s all for now. Coming back to Singapore in two days!

Good night!