Tokyo update!

On one of the danna’s off days we decided to visit an indoor theme park since it was a full day rainy day and we couldn’t go for any outdoor activities.

I have blogged about Inzai Fantasy Kids Resort before in Chiba, it’s too far to travel there so we looked for a them park nearer to us in Tokyo, and decided to go to Tokyo Dome City’s ASObono, one of the largest indoor kids theme parks in Tokyo.

It’s huuuuge! This is the baby area (below 2 years old).

I’m really glad we chose to come here because then the danna can sit down and do some work and I can just chill and relax while Junya and play alllllllll he wants! It’s really the perfect place for tired parents and active children XD.

Junya’s favorite Daikon.

The bestestest section in ASObono is the “Town” area, where there’s a huuuuge kitchen/canteen/market place with allllll the kitchen and food stuff, which Junya loves!

Even I got excited just looking at this!



Mama I want to cook this


Adding Furikake on rice XD

Someone threw a whole bunch of stuff on the floor here in the Marketplace. It’s quite a nightmare cuz there were soooo many kinds and everyone was making a mess (and all the Japanese mothers were busy cleaning up after all the mess).

But it’s ridiculous how fast everything gets tidied up, there were staff walking around just to pick things up and put things into place again, on like a constant basis @.@

All the food got sorted out and placed back to their original place (before they were gone again in like 5 minutes). I really cannot imagine how tiring it is to work at this place XD.

Pasta, curry rice, ramen…

Junya’s favorite chore was cutting. He was holding that knife just cutting all sort of things for like a good 30 minutes.

Fish monger

Fruit vendor

Baking a cake… i guess? XD

He still loves his Hello Kitty haha.

Lots of Hello Kitty stuff!

There’s also a huge play area dedicated to Lego and…

Tomica @.@

Play alllllll the cars and buses and helicopters and trains and everything else!!! With train tracks and parking lots all from Tomica!

A library, which was super unpopular lolol.

Lastly the Ocean huge ball pit!

We spent about 3-4 hours inside and Junya was super tired and tahan-ed waaaay past his nap time.

Quick lunch at Tokyo Dome City food court!

Junya’s Okosama Udon Lunch Set

Mama’s Wagyu Toro Flake Ochazuke.

That’s all!! An idea for you if you are looking for a relaxing day with your kids or if you can’t go anywhere outdoor in Tokyo! ^^