I blogged about Goodsania last year, a shopping site selling Japanese household items that make home living more convenient and enjoyable!

This time I did more shopping on the site, since my whole life is pretty much about cleaning/cooking/laundry now.

Here are some of the items I got!

Hahaha super aunty.

But actually a lot of the items do spark joy for me and the home other than being useful!

Also, when you have no time to even get out of your house (to buy groceries and catch some pokemons on the way), Goodsania is a godsend when you only need a few clicks and everything can be ordered and delivered!


ASVEL Airtight Rice Container

I wanted to get this for a long time! To keep our precious rice fresh, it is best to store it in airtight containers, along with a rice bug repellent (usually made of wasabi or chilli pepper).

The special slanted design of the base makes rice from the back of the container flow towards the front, so it is easy to scoop out the rice. Very often, rice is just stuck at the back of the container and you have stretch your hand inside to scoop but this user-friendly design solves this problem!

The measurement lines is also useful to know how much rice I have left and how much to buy.

Punched-hole Triangle Corner Rack

I have been trying to find the perfect triangle corner for the kitchen sink. I couldn’t find it in KL because I think most people dispose their food waste into a plastic bag? But how do you dispose of wet/liquidy food waste such as porridge??

You can get plastic ones for much cheaper but remember you are dealing with food waste that rot easily, so better get a good quality stainless steel such as this one!

There’s also corner rack plastic bags so that rubbish disposal is easy and more hygienic! 

Eco Food Bag

Did you know that vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits are easily lost even though they are kept in the fridge? An easy way to keep food fresh while locking-in important nutrients is to store them with P-Plus Eco Bags.

This is no ordinary plastic bag. It is a freshness ziplock bag that is made with special breathable plastic film that is developed by Japanese innovation and technology. The micro-holes control the breathing of the fresh foods and maintains freshness.

It’s good for both whole and cut foods! Easy for me to prepare food for quick cooking and also packet food to take along on outings!

P-Plus Eco Bag for vegetable/fresh food can be used repeated and locks in the freshness of fresh foods. Tests show that when fruits/vegetables were placed in the fridge without P-Plus Eco Bag used, they lost 49% of Vitamin C in 7 days! But when P-Plus Eco Bag was used, only 24% of Vitamin C was lost in the same period of time.

These Eco Bags come in handy L, M, S sizes.

Zoo Drying Agent

It is difficult to keep biscuits, dried goods like sesame seeds dry in this hot and humid weather. Things get soggy so quick especially when Junya likes to repeatedly open and close container lids -_-.

I also worry about the safety of some packet drying agents and those silica beads. Junya always plays with them and asks me what it is. Those packets could also burst and Champon the eat-everything-monster probably would devour them in a second.

This Zoo series drying agent is made in Japan from special silica gel and pulp with no loose silica beads so it’s safe and hygienic. Of course it is also reusable – value for money! Each piece is suitable for keeping a capacity of about 1.8L container dry for a month. It can be easily restored to top condition by simply heating it in the microwave.

It comes in cute bear, hippo and camel shape! 


Hello Kitty Onigiri Wrapper and Hello Kitty Food Picks

Well. Simply because Hello Kitty. Haha.

The Riceball wrapper makes a simple homemade onigiri instantly cuter, and Hello Kitty food picks can be used to skewer fruits or sausages on a platter, or just for decoration in a cute bento box. <3

Minnie Mouse Baby Tableware Set

Can’t wait to start using this for baby Sakura!

It’s meal set in Minnie Mouse design and has everything a growing baby needs for dining –from plates to bowl, fork, spoon and cup. It also comes in Mickey Mouse design and it is great as a gift for the next baby shower for friends!

Minnie Mouse Wet Tissue Lid

This is super useful to keep baby wipes and wet tissue dry all the time.

Simply stick it onto the wet tissue package opening! The special adhesive design makes it reusable so no more hassle fiddling with the opening sticker that always gets misplaced.

The flip-open lid makes it super easy when you only have one hand to function (which happens all the time when you have a baby to cared for XD).

It comes in a few colors and also available in Mickey Mouse design!

Tanita Digital Cooking Scale

I don’t bake but the danna sometimes likes to make hotcakes for Junya, and him being fastidious with measurements, he requested a good quality kitchen scale.

Tanita is a reliable and well-known weighing scale brand from Japan. This model comes in various colors too and since I’m the one getting in, the danna just have to deal with the cute pink color XD.

Mini Retangular Pinch Clip Laundry Hanger

Since we travel a lot and stay in 3 different homes, I needed something small size to bring along, especially airing baby clothes.

This hanger is super slim and foldable, totally space-saving, and suitable for indoor airing!

Richell Rilakkuma Fridge Safety Lock

Absolutely must for every house with a toddler. Or else all your snacks will be gone. Junya broke and outsmarted a few locks before so hopefully this one is complicated enough for him haha.

So! Some of these items may be available locally, but if you compare the prices Goodsania is actually much cheaper!

There’s a currency converter on the website for your convenience at exchange rate. Although JPY is higher now, I still found some of the items cheaper than retail stores here in Singapore, even after discount!

For example this cute food pick:

Goodsania’s normal price is approx. $4.50, with discount code it is only $4.05, while I saw it on a popular retail stores the other day selling at $11.90!! That’s like 60% cheaper.

There are many other items that are definitely cheaper than retails store, so it’s really worth it to buy it from Goodsania. But… how about shipping cost? What if you stay in Europe or USA???

Don’t worry. Worldwide free shipping is provided for any order more than JPY8000. Huh, I really don’t know how they do it. I received my order from Japan within 3 days, and they even sell large and heavy items like stools and storage boxes. How do they cover the shipping costs?!

I have no idea, but it’s all good news for us #Pokemoms who want to go for quality value buys! Extra Discounts, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery to your doorstep… perfect!

Shop at:


They have revamped their website recently and it’s even better and more user friendly!

There’s also a limited offer for Cheeserland’s readers: Use this code GDS2CH10 at check out and get 10% OFF. Valid only until 30 Sept 2016!

There are also on-going Extra Discounts with various credit cards from major banks such as UOB, DBS, Citibank etc, click on this link for more info. Save More Money on Goodsania!

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