Today I am going to introduce a product that every fashionable girl and mother who can’t live without her makeup and who is looking for a gentle way of cleansing will love.

I was already a fan of FANCL before I got to know this product. A little back story: FANCL is one of the most popular cosmetic and supplement brands in Japan. I bought lots of healthy supplements from FANCL, and half a year ago I had the opportunity to dined in their Organic&Natural Restaurant, Dorobushi, at FANCL Ginza Square.

At that point of time I was all crazy over Japanese organic vegetables (honestly, I don’t want to sound pretentious to suddenly be this all health-conscious, nature-obsessed hipster, but those high quality vegetables in Japan are soooo delicious!), and Dorobushi really made my tummy so clean and happy that day. Their philosophy: to serve authentic foods grown in fertile soils that have been cultivated with their utmost care and tenderness.

And FANCL’s skin care range is the same. The hero product, Mild Cleansing Oil is 100% no preservatives, no additive and mineral oils. Every drop of the product delivers the purest and most effective benefit to the skin.

That is perfect for mummies like me who are looking for products with no preservatives and harmful additives!

I just love how thoughtful all the Japanese packagings are <3.

The first step to protect our skin is to properly remove our makeup.

Did you know that you can age 10 years in 1 month if your makeup is not removed thoroughly?! Even if you think you have removed all traces of makeup, a microscope will reveal all the residual makeup trapped in fine lines and pores.

What I love about FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil (MCO) is that it has this thing called Nano Cleansing Technology that penetrates deeply into my pores. So my skin is cleansed thoroughly! Even the most stubborn makeup is removed when I rinse MCO off. I don’t even feel any icky greasy feeling!


Here’s a quick cleansing demo using my regular daily makeup items. (Btw, this is just a demo. MCO has to be rinsed off by water, don’t use cotton pads!)

From top: Lipgloss, lipstick, eyebrow tattoo liquid, waterproof mascara, foundation.

I use one pump of MCO and gently massage it until the makeup dissolves. Instantly clean after washing off with water!

2~3 pumps of MCO is good for your whole face, including eyes and lips.

If you wear heavy mascara, you can gently remove it with cotton buds.

Left: after Right: before.

Most of the oil-based cleansers require you to add water to your face and wait for it to emulsify. For MCO there’s no need, you can quickly cleanse your entire face in one easy go!

Other products from FANCL’s skin care range: Facial Washing Powder (I love this too!), Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Emulsion.

Love their minimalism packaging too, just in line with their tag line – Less is more.

By the way, do you know why FANCL products are in such small bottles? FANCL’S small bottle ensures that you will only use the freshest and most effective ingredients!

FANCL has this thing called Golden Efficacy Period—meaning they recommend using the products within 60 days for you to enjoy it’s full benefits. Sounds great!

Also, do you know how fresh your skin care products are? All FANCL Products are clearly marked with production date to remind users that efficacy of skincare active ingredients are best achieved by using product at its freshest!

Continue to enjoy dressing up, but remember to thoroughly remove your make up at the end of the day!!

FANCL is in Singapore now, with their counter at Level 1 Isetan Scotts Orchard Road as well as their new counter in Raffles City which opens today! Watch out for more counters that will be opened within this year!

Also, download the iFANCL SG App to get a $10 e- Voucher upon sign up for all new members!

Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play.

And find out more from FANCL Singapore’s Facebook Page!