Quick post on what I bought from Japan! ^^

We are going back to Japan in a few day’s time again so the shopping is endless haha.

Here goes!

Hello Kitty cookie!

Kaki No Tane snack I got from Ikebukuro Sunshine City’s Aquarium, it’s limited edition (Takoyaki sauce, Hotate Butter and Shio Sake).

PRETZ also limited edition from the Aqaurium!

Sea Angel Cookie!!! It says “Clione’s First Love”. Don’t know nice or not but can’t resist it. So romantic <3

Lots of cheesy snacks!!! Cheese Rich Giza, Cheese Tara in edamame flavor, and Cheddar Cheeza. I’m turning yellow just typing this lol.

This one for my friend Carolyn who wanted to the onigiri film (the ones sold in Daiso is just a wrap, you can’t separate the seaweed like the onigiri they sell in combini).

Kyaraben tools. It’s not for me, it’s souvenir for friends also. My kyaraben days are long gone lol.

Lazy #pokeMOM’s best friends!!! Instant soup, instant sauces and miso soup for emergency times. 😛

We travel so often that it’s really hard for me to stock up fresh groceries. So instead of buying garlic, just buy garlic paste in a tube. Gotta make do with our #pokeMOMgo lifestyle.

Koshihikari rice as souvenir! One person 1KG!! I think if possible I’ll just buy everyone Japanese rice instead of cookies. But the thing is that it’s quite heavy… T_T.

The danna’s SOS supper. He loooves spicy food so I got him spicy tofu soup. If any of you love dry noodle (non-soup), please get Ippeichan (the one in black and yellow). It is sooo goood!

Wa wa wa wa buying all packed vegetables so that I can use them in a small amount with minimal wastage.

Piman HAHAHA. Ok am I going to far with the omiyage shopping? XD

Broccoli too LOLOL.

Remember I blogged about the broccoli I saw in Singapore?

So yea now that I have chance, buy ALLLLLL the broccoli!!!! And it was about 200 yen (SGD2.6) I think.

Shopping from family mart and 7-11. Yeap. Everything is possible.

Tofu hamburg and Roll cabbage.

Sausages too.

Juices and coffee.

Oh oh oh! I got this Snoopy plate from Lawson by spending way too much :P. You know they give you stickers which you can collect for product exchange? I collected 40 of them for this plate.

Products for leveling up my #pokeMOM cleaning CP and HP.

The danna loved this salty toothpaste (apparently the natural salt in the toothpaste can prevent gum infection, but I don’t think he cares, he just loves salty stuff lolol).  Insect repellent Stickers for @cheesiepetit, and also toothpaste wipes for Sakura when she start growing teeth. Awesome!

Anpanman puzzle!

Lately Junya is very into puzzles so I kept buying more puzzles for him to solve.

Got these from a baby fair at Ikebukuro Lumine!!

From UNIQLO sale items, from only 300 yen omggg.

Couldn’t resist this Pikachu plushie from It’sDemo!! Flip to the back and you can see it has a heart-shaped tail!!! Super cute <3

That’s all for today’s omiyage update. ^^