Quick blog post while Sakura is napping and Junya is doing his puzzles! Just got back to Singapore last night and half-unpacked our luggages and snapped these pictures to share ^^

1.Konnyaku Jelly

My favorite because they are so yummy! Love the refreshing fruity taste <3 The one in red is cereal though haha.

2. Snacks

Cheeza has specialty versions like Avocadoza, Ebeeza, this time they have Gomaaza!! One pack of Gomaaza is made of 3000 black sesame. Just how much exactly is 3000 pieces of sesame? The Glico website has an interesting post on this.

Then there’s the autumn special edition of Meiji’s Kinoko no Yama (Chocolate Mushroom) in Chestnut flavor. And Meiji Takenoko No Sato (Chocolate Bamboo Shoot)’s Cacao edition. These are my favorite chocolate snacks!!

And then there’s the Glico’s Shall We? Butter Short Bread, haven’t tried this before but looks good!

Danna’s low calorie non-fried chips, it actually tasted really great!

3. Local Omiyage

Got these from our trip to Fuji Safari at a rest area. Katsuo Fish Chips in different flavor!

Ma Hua Er, a Chinese traditional snack we got from Nagasaki. If you are from Malaysia/SG and is old enough (like me lol) you probably has tasted this before! Twisted fried dough originated from China is super nostalgic!! The only thing about the Japanese version is that it has zero oily feel and is less sweet. I guess everything goes to Japan will become healthier haha.

Ago is a flying fish famous in Nagasaki (and now very popular all over Japan), usually made into dashi. Got my Ago Furikake and Agodashi soup stock <3


4. Juices

Mixed Ichijiku (fig) juice using figs from Aichi prefecture. For some reason it taste like peach and I loved it so much that I bought a whole carton back to Singapore lol.

Other juices! As cold season is approaching they even recommend to heat up the juice to warm up your morning! Bought the Shimajiro collabo for Junya ^^

5. Dried foods

Udon, Cha-Soba, sliced garlic (great for lazy moms and people who travel too much to keep fresh produce), Aji-nori and some instant noodles and soup.

6. Baby and Toddler

Anpanman Cup Noodle for kids with no artificial colorings etc and lighter soup.

Sakura just turned 5 months old and planning to start her on solid next month! Thew Kewpie canned baby food is sooooo convenient and cheap omg. It’s only 89 yen each!

Pretty colors <3

Solid food essentials. Hokkaido Scallop and Baby Wafu Dashi. Starting the dashi culture from 0 years old ^^

Might want to start Sakura on formula in the next few months too! Also useful plastic bags for diaper disposal.

7. Cooking

Bought for a friend who super love bitter gourd to make Goya Champuru.

Cabbage salad peeler and cling wrap color pens!

8. Supplements

Love this Fancl supplement sets! They have different sets for different gender and age group. Each pack contains different supplements you need in a day, sooo convenient for traveling! No longer have to buy medicine boxes or packing whole lots of cans and bottles.


9. Puzzles

Puzzles are my best friends now because Junya can just spend hours solving puzzles on his own, it buys me so much time to do stuff… such as writing this post lol. (Also I resisted making puzzling puns on this topic. lolol)

This is Hiragana and Japan map puzzle.

And then I found a Hello Kitty Japan map, can’t help but bought it! Time for me to memorize all the prefectures!

Papa bought world map puzzle.

And a Pikachu 3D puzzle for 7 years old and above. He thinks his son is genius? lol

10. Mask

Bought it from random drugstore but find this super good! It’s soft and fits nicely, I wore it to sleep the whole night without any discomfort!

That’s all for this trip! Shop again soon haha.