Photo post on Nagasaki, October 2016.

This is Sakura’s first time going to Nagasaki to visit jiji! Junya’s first time is here.

Breakfast at Haneda airport, at a curry shop called Cuud. Mine was tomato curry, very yummy!


Arrived at Nagasaki and we went straight for lunch!

A super popular Chinese restaurant, where Champon was born, apparently. Champon the noodle, not the Shiba. The Shiba was born in Tokyo 😛

Authentic Champon!!

My mini Champon and gyoza.

Sweet and sour pork, the Japanese version of Ku Lou Yok.

We then drove to Jiji’s place in the city.

The Malaya is still around! The only Malaysian restaurant in Nagasaki, opened by a Malaysian! It must be quite yummy to survive this long! Haha.

Arrived at Jiji’s house. This is where the danna grew up from, and a view he saw every day. Elementary school he went to. Before he found out that his senpai becomes national superstar named Fukuyama Masaharu.

Sakura and Junya’s only cousin Ryoke!

This was just last year!!! Both have grown up so much!!!

Sakura was gonna cry and everyone panicked lol.

Jiji with his first and only grand daughter <3

Went to danna’s favorite place for dinner at night! It’s called Kaniya. Brings back so many memories. I remember we came here for dinner on the first night after we got married. It was Christmas eve. After dinner we went to a bakery nearby and bought Xmas cake.

Gyu suji (beef tendon).

Hitokuchi gyoza (bite-size dumpling).

Yaki Mentaikoooooooo

Seared on the outside and creamy on the inside

Simple onigiri. Shiosaba is the yummiest!!!


The ryokan we stayed in is called Nagasaki Baishokaku. It was rather pricey but that was the only hotel we could find, the entire Nagasaki was fully booked coincidentally due to the Silver Week, and where the biggest festival took place. It was also the place we stayed in the night before our actual wedding.

I still remember feeling quite nervous that night!

Now there are four of us!! <3



The view <3

Sunset view <3


Papa goes to ofuro with son.

And mama with baby. A baby cot at the bathhouse!! How thoughtful is that!! <3

Probably the only selfie I’ve taken the entire trip haha.

Most of the time I snap photos like these 😛

Some like these…

Good morning!

yeap yeap somebody’s awaken!

Snack 😛

So! October 8-10, the 3 days we were there were also the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival.

Interestingly, the most famous performance at Kunchi festival is the dragon dance, which all of you would be familiar with, if you are Chinese! Yes, it’s the dong dong chiang dragon dance during CNY!

Kunchi miniature display!

Guess these are the trading ships from China in ancient time?

We were really lucky to catch a glimpse of the annual matsuri!

Parade of people in… traditional Chinese costumes.

With any matsuri (festival), there are also the demise. Demise as in de-mi-se, not the… erm departure from life. Demise are temporary pop-up stalls on the streets, usually selling snacks, lucky draws, traditional games, etc!

First thing we bought was the umegae mochi! A specialty from Dazaifu, Fukuoka prefecture.

With a napping JunJun.

After that went for chirinchirin (ice cream)!

Junya sharing melty ice cream with papa.

Strolling along the de-mi-se.

Ball-fishing game!

Junya only fished one ball but the kind ojisan gave him a whole bag anyway.

Shateki with papa.

Night time we had family dinner. With Jiji, uncle, Ryoke, papa.

Shabu shabu!!!!!

And… good night. Of course mama is always the last one awake taking stealth picture like this. 😛