Junya turns 2 years 5 month old today, and Sakura is 6 months old now.

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

(Still like a baby XD)

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Bae Sakua Cry

Well for those having kids of very small age-gap, here’s the good news:

The jelaousy will eventually come to an end. Or at least pause. Until they are able to fight with each other lolol.

Whenever Sakura cries now, instead of “mama cannot hug bae Sakua“, he is now “Bae Sakua cry!!” and will sprint into the room to beat me to be the first to go pat on her back.

Can sleep together.

Read together.


Mad Scientist

In the making.

He peels garlic cloves to put in a bottle, pours out Sakura’s baby dashi powder on his toy kitchen, makes explosives with vinegar…

So… that’s how you make milk shake right?

(Blender milk, that’s what he calls it.)


Puzzle Geek

I have never thought of giving him puzzles to solve simply because… I wasn’t a fan. I was the Polly Pocket, Little Pet Shop, Sylvanian Families girl. So I bought my son Tomica, play-pretend kitchen set, Sylvanian Families that I couldn’t have as a little girl.

But on his 2nd birthday he received his first puzzle (literally “My First Puzzle”) as a present from my friend Eve, which is a box set consists of puzzles from 2-piece to 8-piece. We didn’t even try to play until 2 months ago.

The first time he finished an 8-piece all by himself I thought it was a goddamn feat. So I started looking for similar easy puzzles for him to solve but I couldn’t manage to find anything like that in Malaysia/Singapore. When we went to Japan, I got him 20 piece puzzles of Anpanman and vehicles, those were the easiest available. At first he struggled but after every first success, it’s like somehow he unlocks a mystery and he could do it with ease.

The highest so far he has done is 75-pieces of Thomas & Friends. See that pile of laundry? That’s how I buy time to do some housework XD.

World map only ma. 


Because. Why?

So lately he has learnt the word because.

“I want to cut hair because long.”

“Mama help (tear this sticker) because sticky!”

“Mama hug because slippery!!!” (the bathroom floor)

And the whys have started. In a very mild way. For now.

“Why cannot open?”

“Why don’t have sound?”


JunJun says

Other things he says:

Mama: You want udon, beehoon or rice?
Junya: Or Yakult.

“Un.” (With a nod, the Japanese way of saying “yes/okay”)

“Ha~~~~~~~i.” (The Japanese way of saying “Understood/Alright.”)


For Sakura

Sakura turns 6 months old! In Japan they celebrate it as the “half birthday”!!

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Hair loss



She already has quite little hair and at 5 months she was dropping hair like crazy. The bed was fully of her tiny little strands of hair. Luckily it sort of stopped about a 2 week ago.

Roll Over

Junya could flip from back to tummy by the end of 3 months, but Sakura really took it easy, and only learnt how to do it at 5 and a half months. XD


All Smiles

She is all smiles now! T____T. Haha teary emoji because I was so worried for a long time. Was she unhappy? Did she not understand joy? Why does she have so little expressions? Was there something wrong with her?

But she makes me very very happy now. Every day. ^^

Finally can wefie…

A lot haha.


All Sweat

Seriously, why is my baby WHY ARE MY BABIES SO SWEATY!?

Both Junya and Sakura are massive sweaters. Huh sorry I just realized that sounds wrong. But yea, in full-blast aircon room, she still sweats like I just put her in a sauna next to a fire place.

Sometimes I find a big wet patch on the bed and many times it was a not sure if diaper leak or sweat situation. It’s so crazy.


This month I wasn’t as busy so I thought it is a good time to start her on solids. (Junya only started when he was almost 7 months old).

First human food that isn’t boob haha.

Yes yes yes keep it comin!


First Date

Sakura’s first date, with Shungo kun. ^^


For Mama

Hair loss


I was at the salon a few months ago and I was boasting how I never lost any hair post-pregnancy. Then karma BOOM last month I was dropping hair like crazy until I have to magiclean the floor allll the time.

I wonder if I’m like hormonally connected to Sakura?! Why are the both of us dropping hair at the same time?! Why is 做女人 so hard ?!?


Weight loss

Hair is not the only thing I lost.

Is really not I want to haolian but… do you know any mother who wishes she would put on weight post-pregnancy?!

I am eating, if you don’t believe. I’m not on a weird diet or anything like that. My diet is called “motherhood” lol. But it is so crazy that I am starting to worry if I am sick or something.



First family trip… outside Malaysia. And Singapore. And Japan.

Those don’t count because those are all homes. Haha. I very greedy hor?

So we had a day-trip to Bangkok. Junya’s second time and Sakura’s first time.

Went to Erawan to pray because I did go there when I was pregnant with Sakura and I wished for a smooth delivery. We were back to give thanks.

Thank you all the gods for this baby, this family. <3


Piggyback Baby

So I learn this from my Japanese mama friend.

I have 3 baby carriers and I know that there are many styles you could carry a baby (sling/side/front/back…) I just never bothered because I love to have my baby close to me.

But carrying your baby on the front also means that you can’t really cook/mop floor/air laundry/eat piping hot ramen. The most heartbreaking thing is when your elder child asks for a hug you will have to say “sorry not now.” T_____T

But now you can do everything.

*plays Pokemom level up animation*

Erm when you still cannot do everything you can always put your babies on Nontan on guided access XD. God bless this iPhone function.


Zombie Sandwich

I don’t even remember how many times I mentioned sleeping like a Chinese zombie ever since I had Junya.

Now I am a sandwiched zombie.

Every. single. morning.