During our 3 weeks stay in Japan Sep-Oct 2016.

Quite a number of readers told me that they thought it was unbelievable how I handle two kids while traveling between 3 countries. I totally didn’t think so. The danna helps me out a lot and whenever possible he would come back home early to settle dinner, or watch the kids at night while I do some work, etc.

What is unbelievable to me is this.

(Can you imagine if it rains?! T___T)

The danna said this is my life if I were to live in Japan. After sending the kids to school, the mother will go to work herself. She probably wakes up like 5am to prepare the family’s breakfast, lunch boxes, and dinner for the day. Her danna probably works till late night. After work she will have to pick the kids, settle them and also clean the house.

I have only brought the two kids out all by myself for maybe less than 5 times, unless it is just a nearby trip for groceries. Usually I would just stay home unless there are friends tagging along (with or without kids) so we could watch out for each others. The number of times I have done taitai high tea without kids for the past 6 months is 0.

But the mothers in Japan can do this.

#Pokemom Level28

Maybe when I have a third one I’ll understand how it feels XD. Cuz for now I can’t. XD

Whenever you think you are having a tough day, there are always many others who are having a tougher day than you. So I think I am incredibly lucky.

Here’s my #Tokyolife.

Day A

Make the kids watch Japanese politics. And then I heat up combini lunch. (It’s life-saving.)

Give my son an obsession he can spend hours on. So I can watch Japanese politics myself.

But I did level up this trip!! I finally braced the storm and took the subway with the kids all by myself lol.

If you have not done Tokyo’s subway before, you have been warned. Traveling with two young kids alone by subway in Tokyo is quite… impossible. Unless you memorize every station’s structure by heart. Or unless you have 5 extra hours to spare finding elevators or taking a loooooooong detour to avoid the stairs.

We made it to Ginza alive. (But sweaty.)

Went to join the Number76 team who came to Ginza Kumamoto Honkan for their contribution for Kumamoto.

Sadly Kumamon was not in that day. He was said to be on a business trip that day.

If you would like to make a contribution to the people who are affected by the Kumamoto earthquake, you can visit Kumamoto Honkan in Ginza. <3

Or shop for some cute Kumamon specialties!

Ganbarou Kumamoto <3

On the way home, catch pokemon (yea yea I was still. But I gave up playing already!) while queuing up for BAKE.

(By the way did you know that both the recent craze “Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart” and “Tokyo Secret” in KL are not from Japan? The former was opened by the Secret Recipe chain and the latter from Hong Kong, hoping to jump on the cheese tart bandwagon and make their bag of gold before the real deal arrives. XD)

Mentaiko Omurais, looooove.

Night time was party with NALU staff and Number76 staff!! Wa wa wa still can havoc haha. Gomi san is the sweetestestest! If you ever go to NALU Omotesando for hair do please look for her!!

BBQ at Odaiba with mesmerizing night view!


There was some autumn festival going on everywhere! It was near our apartment so I brought cheesiepetitX2 to have a look!

Everyone was in Pajamas HAHAH paiseh.

Junya and his BAKE cheese tart.


Taking JR with Carolyn. Things are sooooo much easier with a friend around!

Haha taken by Carolyn, to show how train taking with two kids work XD. Junya was holding the PASMO card so tightly like that’s his most valued treasure.



Another day to Odaiba Decks because I wanted to go shop for baby stuff!

For those who asked, this is where I saw the Hello Kitty shower toilet system. In Odaiba Decks.

Play area for kids

Takoyaki Museum for the Takoyaki addict.

I’m not a big fan of Takoyaki because 1. it is impossibly hot. 2. you have to eat it when it is impossibly hot else it just turns totally not nice. 3. Don’t like the sauce.

This is where I wanted to go! Other than Akachanhonpo you can also find everything you’ll ever need for babies here at Nishimatsuya. Shopped my heart out there!

Now that I think about it actually you can even just go to Babies’R’Us (The one at Ikebukuro Sunshine City is huuuuuuge!) for everything!


Stay-home-whole-day kind of day. Let’s wefie to remember this significant afternoon.

Apparently my son is better than me at wefies.


Beach day! The papa goes surfing. The mama and kids just… wait and watch.

Sorry same clothes again lol. This is my default lazy coordinate. It’s also the best nursing top ever. Oh it is also my in-flight coordinate. I wore this top to board the plane for at least like 10 times now HAHAHA omg.

Papa catching the waves. Mama catching pokemons.


Party with Number76 group 2!!

Went up to Takao San (Mt Takao), my first time!

The cable car ride was quite mesmerizing!


Went to NALU to get a haircut by Line Bear Papa.

Snipped my long hair off to shoulder length!

Also did a perm but was totally forgot a picture after cuz was rushing to dinner.

Final Day

Haneda airport. Junya just loves watching the planes.

Many also asked how to handle two kids on the plane. Sakura is actually the easy one because she pretty much just sleeps and eats throughout. Junya on the other hand, has trouble sleeping because he has to lie down and our seats had armrests that were fixed (like a whole piece of barrier instead of just a bar) so we couldn’t lift them up and have him lie down on our lap or something. T___T And he couldn’t sleep sitting up right. T___T

So we ended up…

Yeap. The bassinet can accommodate up to 11KG, and he is 10+. Yeap.

And then when he was awake we switched kid so that my arms won’t die on me.


And then the toddler wakes.

And then when both are awake, just… good luck. HAHA.