A stroller (or more than one, even) is part of a mother’s life, and finding a stroller that suits your lifestyle is a never ending quest. Imagine if you have three children, you are probably gonna spend 7 or more years of your life pushing strollers. @.@ Soooo, investing in a good one is super, super important.

I have tried many strollers before (5 in total), and each of them have their own pros and cons. There will never be a perfect stroller so you just have to keep on looking out for improved ones.

Our latest addition to the family is Looping Squizz, a lightweight stroller that’s made for #pokeMOM on the go!

The problems with our previous strollers were:

1. One was too light and it often topple over if I hang too much groceries on the handle
2. One cannot be folded single-handed and it is a BIG problem if I am carrying Sakura.
3. One was simply too heavy and bulky for me to carry around
4. One was without bumper guard rail. I feel very, very insecure without it! And without the bumper you can’t store bags/shopping in the stoller too as they tend to fall out.

Looping Squizz comes along and fills the gap. It scores both on weight/size, and easy folding system.

The most attractive feature is that it is pretty lightweight, at about 6.7KG. Love the neutral colors that matches almost any kind of fashion and suitable for both genders.

Secondly it can be folded with one hand into a compact size, which you then can carry with one hand too!! Its folded size is also cabin-friendly so you can push the stroller all the way to the departure gate without checking it in. This is a plus point for families who love traveling.

Also comes with a snuggly rain cover that protects your child from getting wet. I forsee using this a lot now that we walk outdoor very often in Singapore.

Usually compact strollers are rather stiff and awkward to push around after adding lots of weight, especially when you need to go up the curb or make turns. But Looping Squizz gives an extra smooth ride with its 12 bearings in the wheels. We navigated along wet icy roads in Yuzawa, Niigata without any problems. (Of course you can’t ride it through thick snow la haha.)

Most mothers will end up buying two strollers for one baby, an infant stroller and a toddler stroller. Or a stroller with base interchangeable between bassinet or toddler seat. Looping Squizz is great from newborn to toddler age without changing the seat so that saves you quite a lot right there!

I usually let Junya sit in it and carry Sakura with me, but if Junya prefers walking then it’s time for mama to take a rest and put Sakura into the stroller! And then exchange when brother is tired or due for a nap.

I also like the front-open bumper guard.

from now until 26th December, there will be a Christmas package promotion where you get a rain cover for free!!

You also get a further discount of RM50 if you key in the code CHEESERLAND50!

Shop at http://bit.ly/CHEESIExLooping now!


uPang UV Sterilizer

We mothers all know the sterilizing drill when it comes to baby utensils. Boiling, steaming, soaking in sterilizing solutions…

Have you thought about UV sterilizing? I have seen hotels do that for hair brushes, slippers… etc. UV Sterilizer is the fastest and most effective way to kill germs & bacteria. And uPang is world first UV Sterilizer with proven quality track record since 2008.

You can use it to sterilize baby bottles, meal sets, soft toys, and even none-baby related household items like remote controls!                                                               

It’s also very simple to use! Basically sterilizing is just one button away.   

uPang Effectively kills up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria  with its 360 degrees of effective reflection of UV light penetration, and is very safe for babies.     

You can also use the same code CHEESERLAND50 for RM50 off when you purchase RM200 or more!

Get it at http://bit.ly/CHEESIExUPANG!