With two kids constantly needing your attention during traveling, it is really quite a challenge to always be on camera-ready mode, more so if you are alone with the kids.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up capturing precious moments during travel. In fact, you should capture every single second of it.

I often get asked how it is possible to travel alone with two kids. It is extremely common in Japan. Every corner you turn in Tokyo there are sightings of high-level #pokeMOM on the go with multiple kids alone. Most people want to know how it is possible to take the subways with two kids and a stroller. It is hard to explain, so I decided to make a video documenting the entire journey from our home to the destination, traveled by the subway.

There are multiple challenges I faced but it is doable. So here’s the video, shot by my brand new Casio Exilim FR-100 Outdoor Recorder.

It really is a entirely different experience using a camera/video recorder.

Casio Exilim Ex FR-100 is a super lightweight camera + video recorder that allows you to shoot freestyle, and handsfree.

You can shoot selfies/videos as usual with the camera attached.

Or you can separate the camera so the body becomes a remote control that allows you to shoot/pause/view!!

You can place it on a flat surface, or attach it to your body (with optional headband/wristband mount) and shoot with the remote control. Perfect for bloggers who are always alone hahaha. Now we know who takes all your OOTD shots 😛

This is how I did it!! I clip it onto the stroller canopy, and just push the stroller along. The battery lasts pretty long, I managed to shoot almost half day of activities with both the camera and body switched on.

I also love how super wide-angle it is, and it is so so easy to place/clip it onto a surface and take group shots.

This picture was taken by the stroller. HAHAH. Serious. The danna was shopping at Gotemba and Junya was sleeping in the stroller. I turned the stroller facing me and just press the button on the controller for a “selfie”. The people around must be wondering why I was standing and smiling weirdly facing a sleeping child in a stroller.

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Here are some other things I ordered:

Cotte skin care range, produced in Uonuma, Niigata prefecture (also dubbed the Snow Country), using their famous Hakkaisan Japanese sake as one of the ingredients. I have just came back from Niigata and sake cosme was everywhere there! (The danna loved Hakkaisan sake). Sake has immense benefits for skin and you can read up more about that.

I have tried this Cotte Sake Face Mask and it made my skin sooo soft. Super love!

They even have Cotte Sake mini hand cream that smells of delicious sake. <3

Obagi is another top selling Japanese cosme brand, and I’m adding this Obagi clear lotion to my daily routine!

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