Photo album for our trip to Gold Coast, Australia last month.

After one whole month of working without a single off day during CNY rush, the danna decided that he want to just chill the heck out at the beach for two whole weeks, so we traveled to his favorite surf spot – Gold Coast.

Junya has started liking the beach very much. Last month he told the danna, “papa, I want to go beach.” And immediately the danna’s eye lit up, and he went online to book last minute flight, that was how we all ended up in Bali suddenly.

Day dreaming.

Yes you will be an awesome surfer, my sweetheart.

Sakura seems to just enjoy whatever comes her way. As long as she is stuck to me then everything will be fine.

We traveled to Noosa, Sunshine Coast and stayed for about a week, and then moved back to Coolangatta and rented this amazing beach front apartment.

It was so perfect that he started looking at property brochures lol. But alas Gold Coast is a city too expensive to retire in for now haha.

Resort mood for everyone. I cannot remember the last time I wore sun hats and dug out my swimwear. I think it was Hawaii!

Oshare cafe in Noosa. Love this quaint little town.

Our brunch feast.

All white for mama and baby today.

Ahhhh the cheeks! She’s napping in the bedroom now. Looking at this picture gives me an urge to sneak into the room to smell and bite her now lol.

Going to the pool^^

Pool is soooooo warm!

Sakua, we go swim?


This Junya wants to go to the deep side of the pool but freaking out at the same time -_-

Sakura was so chilled at the pool I think she probably would be a more awesome surfer than her oniichan.



Steak at Hurricane’s Grill, Surfer’s Paradise for dinner!

Grocery shopping!

Most of the time we cook in our apartment. Most of the time it was pasta and Garlic shrimp. I was super addicted to garlic shrimp for a period of time.


I knew I would be super craving for rice so we bought instant rice in our luggage XD. Hamburg with sauteed spinach. With our favorite Queensland yogurt.

$7 whole roast chicken, salad and cherries.

Went to seafood market to buy shrimps for garlic shrimp again!! Added squid this time too.

Bought too much greens so a bit overdosed on salad every single day…

Ippeichan Instant Yakisoba (lemon mayo flavor) with… garlic shrimp again lol.

Salad and meat sauce pasta.

The time has come when we craved for ramen so this time we tried Muso Ramen which was ranked the top in Gold Coast. The previous time we had Hakataya ramen so we thought of trying something different. It was… hmmmm…? haha.

Papa made pasta again!!

The best thing i’ve eaten this trip was Betty’s Burger!!! It was cheap and super duper good. The danna ordered pork belly burger with added fried chicken and bacon inside hahaha. It was so huge!

Junya finished his junior burger in no time.


#cheesiepetit nap





Cheeky Oniichan

I like to stuff every single thing in my pocket. Including rocks i pick up from the roadside.

I like to look like I’m holding serious conversations with imaginary friends.

When I grow up I want to be a doctor. With stethoscope made of the latest technology that plugs me into the TV.

I wonder if you can measure temperature this way? Ear canal or nostril, same hole right?

I love to make things go so crazy they don’t even know what to think anymore. And probably decide to just implode. For example this power bank, and my mom.



One day I caught the danna flirting with a cute girl in bikini.

Belly dance for him summore.

Junya mummified

Couldn’t dip in pool that day. Too windy to stay warm

New swimwear!

Mama & bb

Gold Coast was waaay too hot this year.

Weight training

Oniichan’s sunhat

Maxi dresses for us ♥

Cola slurpee

Currumbin Sanctuary to see animals! Junya loves his kangawoo.

Hugging koala while the danna hugs my koala.

Everyday weight training.

That’s Surfer’s Paradise over the other side!


The most mesmerizing thing about Gold Coast is its sunsets. I’ve never seen any sunset less gorgeous than this the entire time!

He wants to chase all of them.



Photobomber lol.

We visited our friend in Gold Coast and her family stays in an eco village where Kangaroos wander about in your back yard.

Look mama i found Kangawoo!!!!!!

Best improvised hair salon, ever. Kangaroos watching too.