Junya turns 2 years 9 months today, and Sakura is 1o months old now.

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

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Last month the both of us were dealing with a lot of emotional struggles, but this month it got much, much better. Mostly because I got used to it. And also because he knows I don’t buy it anymore.

I have learnt how not to take some things seriously. Saying “I dowan papa papa go away and go to work bye bye papa. I cry alone.” now is 家常便饭. He says it so often that it doesn’t even mean anything anymore. It’s just like him singing “wheels on the bus.” We adults also hardly respond to that. And then life goes on as usual. Haha.

At Qiu’s house he even went all chummy with Qiu, (the person he rejected the most throughout his life lolol) just to make a point that he is now a big, independent boy who doesn’t really need papa and mama anymore (on the surface) lol. Qiu had a big shock hahaha.

Junya says

There are though, many things that he said that made me go… is he really the same baby I used to have just a short while ago?! @.@

My babymon has evolved into a more advanced pokemon.

1. Junya was making an imaginary cake out of Lego. He gave a piece to me and I dramatically ate it and exclaimed how good it was. Then I asked if he can share one (imaginary) piece to Sakura. He then gave her two pieces. And then he went back to bake more (imaginary) ichigo cakes and passed to me again. I asked if he can share one with Sakura again?

Junya: No. Sakura already eat two.

HAHAHAA imaginary cake also must kiam.


2. Junya alone with mama.

Junya: Juh now papa cold (scold) Junya and Junya cry alone.   


3. Junya playing make-believe doctor with the thermometer.

Junya: Mama have fever?
Mama: Why don’t you help me measure my temperature?
Junya: Ok I mehjer. *beep*
Mama: What’s the reading?
Junya: Seventy six point five.
Mama: *faints*


4. Junya was bored with nothing to do. Just rolling on the floor.

Junya: Mama.
Mama: Yes?
Junya: I want to drink ink.


5. Junya was eating mama-cooked lunch.

Junya: Mama ask Jun Jun nice?
Mama: Ok ok. Is it nice?
Junya: Nice.


6. Mama asked Junya to brush his teeth.

Junya: I don’t want to brah tee. I want bacteria come. I want.

Yeap. That’s his new pattern.

I used to tell him “please be more gentle if not Sakura will cry because it is painful“…or like “please be kind to your toy, if not your toy will be very sad. You don’t want your toys to be sad, right?” and then he would look genuinely worried and nod.

This trick simply does not work anymore.

When I told him to be careful not to break the Totoro chopstick rest because if it is broken Totoro will be very sad. And guess what?

Junya: “I want Totoro sad.”
Mama: “……”
Junya: “Mama, I want. I want totoro sad.” *nods with a serious frown*

I was speechless for real.

PokeMOM needs to evolve.


7. In a Japanese restaurant in Bali.

Junya: Mama, this one what for?
Mama: It is a coaster. You put your drinks on it and it protects the table.
Junya: Oh. What is the coaster name?


8. At random times.

Junya: Mama, what is the glass name?
Junya: Mama, what is the chair name?


9. Inside an airplane on the way to Bali.

Junya: Mama, see!! Mook! Mook!!
Mama: Smoke? No those are clouds!
Junya: *big smile* Oh. Can we go inside cloud or not?


10. Junya watching Shimajiro on TV. Mama was singing to the theme song.

Junya: No don’t sing!! I’m watching. Don’t disturb Junya.


11. Junya tossing mama’s iPhone on the bed.

Mama: Junya, please don’t throw my phone.
Junya: No I am flipping the pancake.


12. He now loves to 自导自演. Other than all the imaginary weird fruit burgers and cakes he makes, he also likes to instruct me what to say and how I react.

Junya: Mama sit here. And then mama eat (imaginary burger) with Junya.”
Junya: *dramatically* AH~~~ tsumannai na~~~ (AH~~~ I’m bored)
Mama: *laughs*
Junya: No. Mama say “desho”. (Mama say “I know right?”)
Mama: Huh.
Junya: No. I dowan mama. Mama say “desho”.
Mama: Oh ok. Desho?
Junya: No. One more time. AH~~~ Tsumannai na.
Mama: DESHO~?
Junya: Hehe.


For Sakura

Sakura turns 10 months old today!!

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To be honest I feel a little guilty because with Sakura growing more and more interactive and smiley, and with Junya being intentionally challenging, it is really a bit of a a case of angel VS devil. But I really cannot tahan because Sakura is really cute maximum now. And I truly learnt how to appreciate these precious moments because soon enough she will turn into a devil herself.



Paapa, Maama.

On the first day she turned 9 months, she called “paapa” for the first time. Her first word. Fine. Let the father have it. Since Junya’s first word was mama lol.

And then a week later, she called “maama“. Now she will look at me and call “maama“, and that’s really the cutestestestest thing ever omg I cannot. I get soooooo happy every time she does that, and exclaimed excitedly “really baby??? You called me??” until Junya will rub his face into mine and say, “MAAMA. See! Junya also can say! MAAMA.”

HAHAHA. Cute la the jealousy.

Whenever I give Sakura snacks the oniichan confirm will come and kepoh. Then he will pretend generous and say, “mama, I want to share with Sakua.” Ya ya ya, when it is somebody else’s then only you want to share. XD



She has grown so, so cheeky, literally. Her favorite stunt now is to puff her cheek and then blow raspberries. Particularly with her mouth full when I feed her lunch. And then my whole face will be covered with mashed pumpkin. Thank you, baby.

Sometimes her oniichan thinks it is very funny so he will mimic her and rub his face into mine and blow raspberries too. Now my face is covered with mashed pumpkin AND two different kinds of saliva. Thanks, kids.

Sakura also likes to play “inai inai” (peekaboo) with me. She will cover my face with a cloth and then uncover and then laugh. And also feed me all sort of things including plastic spiders.


Pull to stand


She can now pull to stand with ease, and usually she prefers to be standing. ^^



The last I weighed, she was 6.7KG at almost 10 months. Most babies I know are this heavy by 3 months old.

I thought for the second time around, I may have a chance to have a super chubby michelin baby. Sob. It probably runs in the genes. I am having the exact same worries as the first time round, with Junya weighing 7.5 for a whole half year.

She is eating well recently, though. At 7-8 months she was horrible at eating, basically rejecting all kinds of mashed food but is still too young for table food. But then I found out the problem. She hates the spoon (and mashed food in general). She doesn’t like it when I feed her with a spoon, but she would stare at me and demand some of our adult food. So I now feed her with my hand or with chopsticks. Problem solved. Even better since I don’t have to mash food for her anymore, and she is adapting to textured table food very well.

Hopefully by one year old she will hit triple her birth weight.


Better with Papa

I just checked back Junya’s milestone at 10 months and found out that her development is really similar!! Junya also started to warm up to papa (and other people) at 10 months. Now she is able to play shortly with papa while I cook so I can steal a breather or two.

She is very cheerful nowadays, responsive to us talking to her and will paapa and maama the whole time until the both of us heart flower furiously bloom (心花怒放)lolol. Ahhhhhh babies are so cute!!!


No no no no no

This one she is way more advanced than her oniichan! Junya only learnt how to shake his head at 14 months and even then he did it very awkwardly (like Bollywood dance lol). Sakura not only can shake her head for fun, she even uses it in proper context!! I found out when I was feeding her, she shook her head when she was full. I thought she was just playing with me but it happens a few times after too!! When she has enough food, she shakes her head and told me, “mama, enough, ok. How many times must I shake my head only you will understand ah?” haha.


Favorite person

Despite her first word being Paapa and second being Maama, her favorite person is actually oniichan (unless she is tired or sleepy or hungry or in a bad mood, then her only favorite person is me. Yawn.).

It is true. We realized this since she was 3 months old or so. She loved staring at her brother intently and somehow was very mesmerized by him. Nowadays she laughs when Junya does a funny face to her. But when I try to do it she just stares at me blankly. Hiam I not funny enough isit -_-.

Sometimes even when Junya is rough or mean to her (put random things on her head/rub her face… etc), and I thought she would cry, she actually burst out laughing at everything he does to her.


For Mama

Sometimes I do wonder if I’m missing out a lot in life.

I look at other happening people I follow on Instagram who have time for dressy parties and mommies who travel like they are single. I have clients who told me they considered other influencers instead of me for their projects because they thought I must be too busy with the kids.

Sometimes I feel sad because I cannot do the work I love.

Sometimes I feel left out because friends know that even if they invite me for events I am likely not gonna make it.

Sometimes I feel like I am not connected to the exciting world anymore because all I do is preparing the next meal and packing school bag…

Sometimes routine makes me feel like a boring person.

Some days feel really, really short, and it feels like I have achieved nothing at the end of the day.

Yet I won’t want to change this lifestyle.

Because I know I would regret the time I did not spend with Junya and Sakura. Because I know that they will grow up so fast, that before I know it they will go to school and have their own friends and discover new hobbies and then they will be like, “bye mom! You don’t need to send me every time!“. And that soon enough they will stop holding my hand, and to hug me less, and not allow me to kiss them all over… soon.

It is now that I don’t want to miss.

And because I know that they need me the most right now. And I want to be here and around, always.