My love for Japan needs no further explanation (as this entire blog is made of it, haha), and I believe that a lot of you reading this probably also relate to things that write about Japan, be it travel, culture, food, etc.

Many Malaysians too have an affinity to Japan since a long time ago, even if some don’t realize it. We have put our trust in Japanese brands and technology for decades, we have Japan-made products in our home probably since we were born, and many of us would love to continue using and buying Japan-quality goods to better improve our lifestyles.

There are many brands that I have known since forever without realizing that they are actually Japanese brands, such as the KDK ceiling fans we had in our house since the first ever house I stayed in haha. (It stands for Kawakita Denki Kigyosha and was established in Japan since 1909). Our national pride – the first ever Malaysian car Proton Saga, carried the slogan “Japanese Technology, Malaysian Style”. Even the world-popular tyre brand Bridgestone, because of its angmoh-sounding name, I had always thought that it was a Western brand until I realized that it was actually direct translation of the founder’s family name, “Ishibashi” (Stone bridge). It was a mindblown moment for me hahaha.

I’m a little bit of an extremist when it comes to going for Japan-made products. (I actually had to edit this blog post a few times to avoid sounding too crazy lol.) I think other than the walls, flooring, furniture and certain white goods, 90% of everything in our home is products of Japan. I am really dead serious about this haha. By just seeing and using made-in-Japan goods at home, my life spark so much joy😂. From home appliances (TV, microwave, rice cooker, air purifier, hair-dryer, hair iron), household goods (detergent, dish washing liquid, toothbrush, toiletries…), beauty products (make up, skin care, hair care…), baby products (diapers, milk bottles, baby skin care…), to groceries like rice, snacks, instant food, milk and so on. Whenever possible and whenever I could afford, I would go for Japan-quality because I know they are high quality, reliable and safe. Some of my guests were quite shocked to find out that even corn starch from my kitchen had to be a Japanese brand (made in Hokkaido) hahaha.

But I think it is safe to say Japan-quality products are also Malaysian and Singaporean’s top pick if they are given a choice. 🙂

Many people do have the impression that even though Japanese products are good in quality, they are also a lot more expensive. While this is true for most cases, I am also seeing more and more #JapanQuality goods recently that are affordable beyond imagination!! Take DAISO for example, some of their tablewares like rice bowls and tea glasses are all made in Japan, but it is RM5.30!! Not to mention allllll the convenient and amazing goods you can get at DAISO price. Super awesome.

Here are some of the very awesome Japanese innovations that I think should be made common for Malaysians:

1. Bidet Toilet

Some very upscale restaurants and stores in KL do have it, but I wish that it is more widely available because… anyone who has used one can agree that it is one of the best inventions everrr. Actually the whole world should just adopt Japanese toilet system.

2. Great Packaging

Ok I have so much to say about this that I made an entire blog post dedicated to awesome packaging in Japan.

As a mother, you will definitely appreciate this:

Cubed milk powder. No more messy canister and spilled powder everywhere. Other than the visually attractive packaging and amazing quality, I think what sets Japanese products apart and makes them so trusted by many is that they put the biggest effort in the smallest details in a product, whether in design, user- friendliness or efficiency. As a consumer, you truly feel cared for. T_T

3. Don Quijote

When I visited the store launch in Singapore I almost had a heart attack. All the things I ever needed, is now in a single store. I am really hoping and looking forward to it opening in KL one day!!

4. Combini

We all need Japanese convenient stores! I think almost all Malaysians/Singaporeans that I have talked to said they love Japan’s combini the most. We have 7-11 here but I think there’s really a market for better convenience stores here.

5. Shinkansen

I don’t know how many times I have said this. You can probably do a search on my blog and let me know, but here it is again: I LOVE SHINKANSEN.


Junya loves Shinkansen too. ^^

The last time I been in one was from Tokyo to Aomori to Hakodate. From Tokyo all the way to Hokkaido, in a train ride!!!! The distance from Tokyo to Hokkaido is 825km, that’s the distance from Perlis to Johor, just to give you perspective. And the total travel time from Tokyo to Hakodate is 4 hours by Shinkansen. 4 very very very comfortable hours with amazing scenery, complete with delicious Shinkansen bento.


So comfy that the kids slept soundly and I even did some work during the ride!

Coming back to Tokyo.

With the Hayabusa we took from Aomori and a Hayabusa Tomica.

Actually his socks are also Hayabusa!! I guess that’s his favorite Shinkansen ^^

Hayabusa kissing Super Komachi at Tokyo Station <3

Check out my room slippers haha.

So as a Malaysian I’m sure you have heard about the upcoming High Speed Rail (HSR) project that connects Kuala Lumpur with Singapore. In between there’s also a stop in Seremban. I was super excited about this project when I first heard about it because, it would be the best thing ever for our family!!!! We will no longer have to squeeze between luggages and child seats in a loooooong, boring, tiring car ride that typically takes 4-5 hours (small breaks in between) to and fro Singapore. With the HSR, we can commute between our home in KL to Singapore in just 90 mins omg that’s like the best news ever, plus we could also stop by to visit my mom in Seremban!!

I was a little disappointed to find out that it will only be completed in 2026 as opposed to the original plan that aimed for 2020. I don’t even know where our family would be in 9 years time, but it’s still a super good news! Right now Japan and China are among the keen contenders for the project, and of course I would most most most definitely hope that Japan could win this tender!

I think Japan Shinkansen’s excellent track record (no pun intended haha) is popularly known. The first Shinkansen, linking Tokyo and Osaka, had its maiden run on Oct 1, 1964, nine days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. In the 50 years since, the Shinkansen have carried more than 10 billion (!!!) passengers without a single accident or casualty, as compared to the frequently occurring bullet train accidents from countries around the world.

Did you know that the average delay of Shinkansen is 54 seconds? Trains in Japan is known for its peerless punctuality. Any longer and the driver has to do a formal report. And that’s counting in cause of the delay such as heavy rain, snow or earthquake! I think some of you have also read the news last month about how the Japan Railway apologized profusely for a train that departs 20 seconds early (EARLY!!!). So yes, that’s Japan’s punctuality for you.

I did a casual poll earlier on Instagram Story to see what my Malaysian and Singaporean followers think about the HSR project, and the result was resoundingly obvious:

I think we are all heard. WE WANT JAPAN TO BUILD OUR HSR!!!!

If only we civilians have a say in the project. 9 years later we would all be sitting in ultra-comfy, safe and super punctual Japan-made high speed rail from KL to Singapore and back.

India has just launched its first ever high speed rail project between Ahmedabad city and Mumbai with Japan. How exciting! Indonesia almost did too, but went for China in the very last minute, and their project has been stalled until today due to various unexpected setbacks. So I am hoping that Malaysia and Singapore would make the wise choice for this immensely significant project connecting both countries.

If our country leaders truly care for the safety and welfare of the citizens in this country, Japan’s Shinkansen technology would be indisputably the best and the only choice to to drive Malaysia forward. Because I believe that Malaysians (and Singaporeans!!!) only deserve the best.

Let’s see what our leaders think and hope for the best for us! What do you think? 🙂