I took a short break off the internet and my usual routine last week alone in Japan. Just meeting people I like, eating nice food I deserved, drinking a little (hopefully to wean for real this time), and seeking courage, truth, liberation, and love.

And I think I found them all. Pieces by pieces.

The magic of Japan. I finally allowed myself to be healed and freed. And there was no other place on this earth I could have done this at. Thank you.

But this post is about something else! This was our last minute family trip back to Japan on 1st June, 2018. Many people ask why I never traveled elsewhere other than Japan. I often ask myself that too. It’s a big big world, and there are many places I want to see. But even when I have that extra time and money, I always end up coming back here. I didn’t understand why, but now I think the reason why I keep being enthralled to return over and over and over again, is because I felt that it has the power to heal. The air, the water, the shrines, all the delicious food, the people…

I can pick myself up again. I can love and be loved again, I can go back a better, stronger person.


 1-6 June 2018


It was Sakura’s first trip to Japan on her very own seat! Her weight is totally still qualified for a bassinet seat but apparently they won’t allow children older than 2 to be in one.

The flight was 1:50am and I let them both watch movies until they dozed off.

Tokyo Tower

No matter what this is still one of my favorite views in the world.

Trying to get everyone in the shot with Tokyo Tower.



Late night dinner

To our usual hangout.❤︎


Sushi Abe

Karatsuki Uni (sea urchin in shell)

It almost feels like I’m committing a sin.

Komochikonbu (子持ち昆布) – Herring roe on kelp. This dish is amazing, because at first I thought the herring roe was marinated (?) together with kombu, something like how Kombumaki is made, but apparently it is not!! The roes are attached to the kombu from the very beginning, as the herrings actually spawn on the kelp leaves!!!

Aburi mentaiko with nori.

Camembert cheese in saikyo miso.

Deep-fried whitebait.

Chef’s Omakase selection.

Which one would you eat first? 🙂

Chef’s Special Chirashi Kaisen Don




Went to this shrine with Miyabi – Hachiman Jinja in Nakameguro. Really peaceful and calming.


Yoyogi Park

First date with Moe, a girl I got to know from our favorite horumonyaki shop when she used to work part time there. Japanese girl average prettiness level is too yabai. Lol. (And I have been speaking so much Japanese that I feel that I don’t know what is correct English anymore omg.)

She brought her poodle-cavalier, Toro here for a walk!

Junya was in charged of Toro that day.

He was sooo happy!

Junya took this shot! Haha.


76CAFE Omotesando

After Yoyogi, we walked to Omotesando for lunch, and 76CAFE is the perfect place because it is pet-friendly!

Moe’s Taco Rice, my Pork Shogayaki, and cheesiepetits’ Kids Curry Rice, only 300 yen!!!

Hello ^^

Sakura feeding oniichan.

Signature dessert ^^


Toro time!

Junya looooves Toro.


That’s all for today. I’m gonna go take a nap because I stayed up for Belgium VS Japan match last night!