Hello! After along pause I’m back with my update on Rovaniemi!

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This is a photo post as Yuria and I set on a journey with Beyond Arctic photography expedition to hunt for the best spots to capture the signature midnight sun, as you already know the sun never sets in mid summer in Rovaniemi!


Evening Nature Photography  Tour

Vikajärvi (Vika Lake)

We started the tour at 21:30, as Markus our guide picked us up from Santa’s Igloo. About 15 minutes later we arrived at our first location, Vika Lake.

This is how bright it looked at 10pm!!

Some of the photos were taken using iPhone, some with my camera and some by Markus’s professional skill haha. You can of course ask your guide to take some photo of you and your friends/family. Think of it as a personal photography tour session! 😀

The lake was so tranquil, it was extra surreal to me because I haven’t been to this part of the world with such landscape for a while. I was usually surrounded my tropical beaches or cityscape.

Gorgeous, gorgeous spot for Instagrammable photos. Except for the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes in Finnish summer were no joke. You will literally need to wear a net on your head if you are out in the wild for a long time.

Otherwise it is perfectly peaceful!

Only until close to 11PM that the sun starts to “set”, so you will get to witness beautiful evening sun at midnight.



Koivusaari is located just 2KM away from the city center, but it feels like you are far far away in the wild.

A nature trail on a raised wooden path, leading you to discover Rovaniemi’s natural landscape.

This is quite a popular scene you often see on Rovaniemi’s tourism brouchures. I was quite amazed to capture this with my own camera!!

We just walked and walked and walked until past midnight. When we got back home, it was over 1am. The weird thing? Sunrise has begun. We had completely skipped the dark with dawn followed immediately after dusk. We probably caught a glimpse of twilight in all its Lappish mysteriousness.



Afternoon City Photography Tour

The next day we met Markus again who brought us to the key locations around Rovaniemi City to photograph some of its most iconic landmarks.

On the way we caught the sun’s halo! It was like a rainbow in full circle ^^



The Arktikum is probably the most recognized architecture in Rovaniemi. It is a museum and science center where you discover a comprehensive exhibition of the history and culture of Lapland as well as of Arctic knowledge.

It is also a great place to capture all your Insta-worthy shots.

I often see the photos of this beautiful glass building surrounded by snow, but I did not expect it to also be equally beautiful in summer!

Yuria and I were sighing at how amazing the view was.

We really almost took a nap here!

Photo by Markus. It’s also interesting to see how to process our photos differently.



In the woods within the city. How amazing is that?

That’s all for this time.

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