Hello! Today Junya turns 4 years and 4 months old, and Sakura turns 2 years and 5 months old.

We spent most of the month in Japan.

Matching outfit, dressed in BAPE.

Actually it wasn’t a very good month for me in terms of parenting, I’m struggling and facing a lot of dilemma with Junya without knowing what to do about it. It’s one of those time I feel that everything I learned and know about parenting is all a lie and that I was never fully ready to embrace all the responsibilities of becoming a parent. I didn’t know bringing together a family is so, so hard.

So I’ll make this one brief and hope it will be a better month for all of us next. Of course, there were bad times, but there were also lots of good time. We did have a lot of fun during our travels in Japan, so I’ll focus on that 🙂


For Junya

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Let’s count how many types of vehicle we have been on last month!! Junya loves all sorts of vehicles, he’s always very diplomatic when it comes to questions about “favorites”.

“Who’s your best friend in school?”
” I like everybody.”

“What’s your favorite color?”
“I like all!”

“Do you like boat or train more?”
“I like both.”

Very boringly inoffensive ok his answers lol.


Air plane 1

We flew 5 times in total this trip. Sit aeroplane is like a piece of senbei now.

From Changi to Haneda on JAL.

Airplane 2

From Haneda to Nagasaki.


Family Bicycle (?)

I tried to look up what this is called but no answer found haha. In Japanese it’s just “bicycle” lol.

This was in Huis Ten Bosch theme park!



co-pilot JunJun ^^



From Nagasaki port to a nearby fishing port.


Cable Car

Up to Mt Inasa in Nagasaki.


Air plane 3

Junya’s first flight on ANA! Flying to Shonai (Yamagata) from Haneda.

Did you know? For domestic flight children under 3 can sit on your lap without having to pay for their own seat? 😀 Sakura has half a year more to fly domestically for free haha.



I thought it’s time Junya has his big boy two-wheel bicycle debut! This is “Henshinbike” which allows your child to ride without the pedals, once they get used to the balance and get the hang of it you can attach the pedals and they’ll be riding away!

Of course we were also on Shinkansen, densha, buses, taxis, rental cars… norimono (vehicle) is fun!



Lots of different ryokan experiences this month! Love all the cute little yukata ^^

Sakura looooves futon she was always the first one who hide under the fluffy blankets.



These were the sparklers we bought a year ago, they were still working!

Our mini hanabi show.



For Sakura

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Sakuwa says

1. In a restaurant during dinner

Sakura: Mama I want wet wipe!
Mama: You are holding it in your hand.😒
Sakura: *paiseh chuckle* heh. I forgot.


2. During car ride.

Junya: Nyan Nyan!
Sakura: Nii nii are you cat?


3. Relaxing at home.

Sakura: *poot puttt putt putt* (farted)
Sakura: *paiseh chuckle* heh. Like hanabi (fireworks).


For Mama

It was our first time traveling without a stroller and I was surprised at how I didn’t need it at all and it made things so much easier!!! Junya doesn’t take nap (unless super super tired staying up late the previous night), and is able to walk quite a long distance without complaining (actually I get tired easier than him T_T). Sakura refuses to walk all the time so I’ll still need a carrier.

They are 4+ and 2+ now so the things I need to pack for a day time outing are also very minimal! Basically I just need an extra diaper for Sakura in case she poops, and some wet wipes. That’s all. There’s nothing else I need that I can’t find from a combini. Thirsty? Hungry? Combini. Haha.

Yay for more #travelingwithcheesiepetit!