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It is located at the Chugoku region of Japan’s main island. Read this blog post if you wanna know more about regions in Japan. I won’t deny it, Tottori is probably one of the most forgotten prefectures in Japan. Every time I told a Japanese person that I wanted to travel to Tottori, their first response was “Sand dune? What else do you do there?”

Haha. So yea. Hopefully after my Tottori blog posts, I can change some of your perception towards this very unique prefecture – it is the only place with a sand dune in the entire Japan!!

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Other than sand dunes (more on that next time), the most notable attraction in Tottori is probably the fact that it is the birth place of Conan, which I think most of you around my age are familiar with. Detective Conan is only one of the most successful manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama (青山剛昌), hence the name of this factory.

There’s even a JR station dedicated to this special place!

Conan Station.

Fans of Conan, this, is the place for you.

First, snap a photo with the massive Conan statue in front of the museum!

This is how the factory/museum looks. Spot Professor Hiroshi Agasa’s yellow car!

Professor is sitting right in it. Selfie if you’d like.

Entrance fee is pretty affordable too! JPY700 for adults, JPY500 for secondary students, JPY for elementary students.

You get to keep the cool ticket as a memento too. ^^

Awww how cuteeee.

There are also fun quizzes you can challenge yourself (to see how much of a Conan fan you are!) and the quizzes are available in multiple languages.

Complete it to get a limited edition token!

Aoyama san’s work desk. I love that they do this. I love how they show Miyazaki’s working room too in Ghibli Museum.

In the museum you will see display of the author’s life story and some of his original work, including paintings from his childhood. This was drawn by him during 4th grade, titled “Back shot of Mother”.

Notes from school time.

You will also see a collection of the manga in different translations. I spotted the ones for Malaysia!! Anyone of you have read these??

Conan Movie

Try the 3D simulation where you can snap a photo with a Conan character by scanning your entrance ticket!

Lastly, visit the souvenir store to buy all your favorite Conan merchandise. ^^

Love the washi tapes!

This was taken at Conan station. Tottori is also lovingly known as “Kanitori Ken” (Crab-catching Prefecture) becauseeeee, you shouldn’t miss out on some of the best crabs which Tottori is super famous for!


Kurayoshi Shirakabe District

If you love old time architecture, pay a visit to the Shirakabe Storehouse area in Kurayoshi city for a nice idle stroll.

Bentensando – a cute little lane lined with red lantern (?) lights (?), leading up to a shrine.

Just strolling along the narrow streets and I was brought to the housing area, very serene.

Unintentionally rustic in style haha.

Well, guys. Lai liao. Fish in longkang.

This is so typical of small rural town in Japan. The first time I saw it was in Ehime prefecture and I totally 大惊小怪 but guys. This is total normal. Remember. Koi swimming happily in a Japanese drainage is totally normal.

#Cheesieonbridges? Hahahahah.

The streets are very quiet. I did spot a few curious tourists from Hong Kong. Some were here for couple photoshoot, which I think is genius because it’s full of traditional old charm and you get to own the whole street!!

I was quite intrigued. When I asked about it, I was told that there are direct flights to Tottori from Hong Kong! What a happy news! Hopefully the government can do more tie-ups like this so help develop the local tourism of smaller and more remote towns. There was the direct flight from SG to Hiroshima on Silk Air, and recently to Fukuoka from KL on AA. Keep them coming!!!

Hakota Doll

Hakota Ningyo – The Hakota dolls are a specialty exclusively belong to Kurayoshi district.

It comes in different sizes and you are welcome to join a workshop to make or paint the dolls.

Unlike Kokeshi dolls which are made of wood and other clay dolls, Hakota dolls are made of paper so it is extremely light!

A random cafe. So oshare!

Traditional storehouses.

Seisui-an (清水庵)

This was our lunch place!

Wa, very good feel ok.

The floor is tatami!! It felt like we were dining in someone’s home.

Course of the day was Mochi Shabu Shabu… (?) Huh? I have never even heard of that before!

Well, it’s 12 types of colorful mochi in different flavor, including carrot, black sesame, pumpkin, yuzu, shrimp, blueberry (!?), matcha, etc.

Well I am not really a fan of fancy avant garde flavors when it comes to food lol I like to stick to the good old traditional style but!! The flavors were very very subtle so it was actually pretty pleasant, I enjoyed the clear but rich broth with seafood a lot more though!

And… that’s all for today!

Next up I’m going to introduce a super cute ghost town (?!?!) that has captured my heart. Haha.