Ladies (and gentlemen too!), there’s no more excuse not to take care of ourselves.

True, sometimes we don’t even have that 5 minutes to properly remove make up (or even put on make up in the first place) and apply that one moisturizer. Not to mention a good face massage. I know that all too well. I once often accidentally brushed my teeth with face wash when everything was a blur juggling two kids under two.

But Japanese technology is here to help. Having one of the busiest lifestyles in the world, the latest beauty trend in Japan is a simplified, convenient beauty regime.

Have you ever imagined that now you have the ability to take care of dry skin of your ENTIRE BODY in just 5 seconds?

We all have that dry skin moment despite living in one of the most humid countries, yet we spend so little time taking care of it. Although humidity is high, UV rays are very strong and damage from UV rays causes loss of moisture inside the skin and the progression of dryness. Air conditioning is another cause of dry skin (how can we ever live without air-con these days?). It deprives the skin of moisture and causes inner skin dryness which may not appear immediately on the skin surface. So yes, even in Singapore’s climate we have to take precaution!

I have lots of mosturizing products (read my previous post on ORBIS U), but I hardly ever thought to take care of my other body parts and keep them well hydrated, unless the problem is severe – chapped lips, cracked heels or rashes from extreme dry climate, etc.

But now with ORBIS DEFENCERA, all you need is 5 seconds to prevent moisture from escaping dry skin. 


By eating the skin care.

Yes. Welcome to the next generation of skin care.

For all my life, I thought dry skin could only be addressed by applying slabs of moisturizer and sticks of lip balm, I never thought that it could be improved from within, too.

ORBIS spent 10 whole years in developing and testing this ground-breaking product – the first ever and the only oral skin care in Japan – ORBIS DEFENCERA.

What is even more significant – the safety and effectiveness of ORBIS DEFENCERA is certified by the government of Japan, and we all know that Japan has really stringent standards.

ORBIS DEFENCERA, is officially Japan’s first skin care “FOSHU” – Food for Specific Health Uses. In Japan it is called “Tokuho” – 特定保健用食品.

FOSHU is the only type of food product that is allowed to display health claims, so imagine what a milestone of achievement it is for ORBIS! I’m really happy with this amazing news.

Just allow me to elaborate a little more what a remarkable breakthrough this is – FOSHU has very rigorous screening process and is not available for standard supplement products such as vitamin tablets. Some of the examples of FOSHU foods that I often buy include Meiji’s Bulgaria LB81 yogurt that increases the intestine’s defense against harmful substances, Kao’s Healthya Green Tea that reduces visceral fats in the body, Marusan’s soymilk that lowers bad cholesterol, and of course, Yakult that keeps our guts healthy.

 And ORBIS DEFENCERA, to increase protection for skin prone to dryness and roughness.

Just walk into a random drugstore in Japan and you will find thousands of beauty supplements, but ORBIS DEFENCERA is the first and only skin care product that has attained the FOSHU certification. And to be recognized as a FOSHU, many criteria must be cleared, and it includes clinical studies involving 400 individuals, evidence of the effect and evidence of safety. So yes, you can say that ORBIS DEFENCERA is certified effective and safe.


What it is made of

The key ingredient is DF-Ceramide, an extremely rare and high purity ingredient derived from brown rice. Only 2 grams can be extracted from one tonne of brown rice. (One tonne!!!)

How it works is that it increases the skin’s own ceramides, and heightens the skin’s moisture by creating an “Inner Aqua Barrier” which helps to prevent moisture from escaping. Our skin contains ceramides which work as a barrier that protects the skin from external stimuli. But over time and as a result of exposure to various forms of damage, our skin’s level of ceramides decreases, forming gaps in between the skin cells which allow moisture to escape easily. DEFENCERA helps to strengthen the outermost layer of the skin, while filling up the gaps in between cells!

Sounds deep? Yes it’s beyond skin-deep.


Nothing can be simpler. It comes in a blue sachet. Taking just one sachet a day offers the same effect as applying skin lotion to the body for 24 hours. It is in powder form and you can simply tear it open and consume it as it is without water.

How it tastes

I have to say that all ORBIS’s oral supplements tastes really good (Calcium tablets, ORBIS Collagen Re Force, etc). ORBIS DEFENCERA is Yuzu-flavored, and while there are lots of powder-form supplements in the market these days, sometimes I find them a little tricky to consume – sometimes the powder bit gets into the throat and makes you choke/cough a bit – haven’t you had that experience?

That’s why I was very surprised the first time I tried a sachet of ORBIS DEFENCERA – it actually tasted like super fine citrus icing sugar powder you sprinkle on hot fluffy pancakes – it just instantly melts on your tongue and you don’t even need water to wash it down. It tastes really nice!

It is also great for people who are bad at swallowing pills/capsules.


Since it is in convenient sachet form, it also makes the best travel skin care solution. I just pack however stick I need for the days I’ll be traveling and consume every morning when I wake up at the hotel. It’s a great solution to dry skin when your travel schedule is fully packed and you don’t have time to re-apply skin lotion every other hour, especially if you are traveling to cold weather countries.


It is recommended that you take ORBIS DEFENCERA for at least 3 months to see results.

DEFENCERA helps in improving skin against dryness, and even fine lines caused by dryness. Of course, since it is inner care that goes to the entire body, you can also see improvement on skin areas that are prone to roughness such as elbows, heels and shins and the back, a body part that is actually prone to dryness and often neglected from moisturizing care.

For me I’m into the second month of consistent consumption, the one thing I noticed is that I stop having to apply eye drops and lip balm constantly when I fly, as one of the dryest places you can be is inside a flying plane. where I have always prepped for maximum hydration. I can feel that I’m doing something good for myself so I’m gonna continue it.

So yes! ORBIS DEFENCERA is definitely an impressive skin care solution that is effective, easy to consume and super convenient. You must be thinking that it would only make sense it if cost quite a lot for all the years of effort poured into its research and development and the extremely rare key ingredients. But it actually works out to be very reasonable, especially since it cares for the whole body – think facial moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm, vaseline, all combined in one tiny sachet!!

ORBIS DEFENCERA is retailing at S$54 for 30 sachets, so one box lasts for a month.You can get it at ORBIS Takashimaya S.C, the ORBIS Online Store, Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty) and selected Sasa stores.