I have been on a journey with ORBIS for more than a year now, and guess what? Sometimes you just know from your heart that something is worth having with you all the way.

Since now that the KonMari method is hotter than ever compared to when I first talked about it in 2016, I believe that most of you more or less know the concept of spark-joy items in your life, and ORBIS is one for me. It is my feel-good brand.

It’s a little strange because for me, it’s not even just about functionality anymore, I feel almost as if ORBIS is an intimate friend, a trusty partner, who has supported me along the rocky road in this one whole year, from I first knew it last March and later December when I have decided to carry out a “Love Myself” campaign. I feel good and confident knowing that I will always have it by my side. If I ever have to part ways with it I will feel sad, hahaha this is how meromero (enchanting? fascinating?) this two-way relationship has become.

Thank you for taking good care of me, ORBIS. And the super wonderful people behind it. You know who you are! For always being there for me and always believing in me. Omg this blog post is turning more emotional than I intended. 🙈

Anyway, here’s the latest news for you!

As I go on a self discovery pilgrimage, ORBIS has also gone through a makeover too – a brand new look!

I love love love how it looks even more now. Extremely minimalistic yet chic and modern. Goes with any interior or theme for your home.

Today I am introducing its new skin care range – ORBIS U series.

If you noticed my skin care preference these days, you may realize that I always go for the least amount of steps because, well, partly thanks to KonMari, I am trying to de-clutter not just my wardrobe and home, but my daily life routine too. More simple cooking, less shopping unnecessarily, and the easiest skin care regime while feeling good and completely guilt-free.

And with ORBIS, it is really as straight forward and as simple as just 3 steps – cleanse, tone, moisturise. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still love my ORBIS Powder Wash+ and other pore care products which I use once a week when I have extra time to spare (you can read the blog review here). For daily skin care routine, ORBIS U’s 3 products are just perfectly enough.

So, what’s ORBIS U?

First, it is worth mentioning that this series has already garnered 36 beauty awards in Japan, from renown beauty and fashion magazines and review websites such as Biteki, VOCE, Maquia, @cosme, etc. (@cosme is a huge one!)

The main focus of ORBIS U series is hydration.

I think many people always have the impression that in order to keep your skin hydrated, you need as huge slab of oil on your skin as possible to lock in moisture. But as I mentioned in my first blog post, ORBIS is a 100% Oil Free skincare products, because they believe that what the skin really needs to retain moisture was in fact not oil, but water.

And what ORBIS U could do, is to dive into Cell Deep Hydration.

It’s very simple. One of the biggest causes of aged skin is dehydration. Think about it and imagine your cells like a gel ball (or like an ikura fish roe haha), if your cells fail to take in water properly, it will look flattened and shrivelled and as a result, our skin appears dry, dull and lacking firmness, making you look *gasp* aged. Whereas when a cell is filled with moisture, it is resilient and plump with elasticity.

So the key point here is the availability of water channels that allow moisture to enter and circulate throughout cells in all skin layers.

And now we are given a chance to open up billions of water channels to hydration.

Keeporin Booster is a blend of Eelgrass Extract, Peach Leaf Extract and Cornflower Extract. Blended into the ORBIS U series, this innovative ingredient increases the water channels in skin cells, rapidly boosting the circulation of moisture in and out of cells for the much sought-after mochi mochi, plump youthful appearance of skin.

Here are the 3 minimal steps to your most deeply hydrated skin:

(Look at how it just blends into my basin counter! This is perfect for Konmaring your bathroom too!)



This face wash made of Moroccan Lava Clay which swiftly draws out impurities gently without irritating skin. It also leaves moisture-attracting Hydro-Catch Ingredient on the skin for the next step.

Dispense about 1cm of cleanser, add water and lather with fingers to create a fine, elastic foam.

You can also use a wash net to create even richer, bouncier foam!


ORBIS U Lotion


This award-winning lotion is between water and gel texture, in fact you can tell at one glance that it is so dense you from the tiny air bubbles forming in the bottle.

Upon application, this rich watery melting lotion melts right away into a refreshing liquid texture, releasing its ingredients which are absorbed instantly.

There’s no need to use cotton pad for the lotion giving how rich it is, just pour a teaspoon amount onto your palm and apply directly onto face.

I feel that the hydration stays on my skin much much longer than regular lotions because of how rich it is. Although it gets absorbed instantly, you can feel that it leaves a moisture veil on your skin making it instantly plump.


ORBIS U Moisture


The last step of the skin care routine, is to apply this moisturiser. I was very pleasantly surprised by this whole new texture feel of ORBIS’s products as I have never really experienced anything like this before.

Usually moisturisers come in the form of cream, milk, lotion, gel, etc. But ORBIS U Moisture is like… how do I even explain this? Like ジュレ (gelée in French), it reminds me of fancy Kaiseki or stylish French course meal that usually features a gelée appetizer with luxurious seasonal ingredients, such as consommé gelée topped with sea urchin and truffle salt, which is in soft jelly form but instantly melts into a burst of watery umami in your mouth, omg I love it…

Sorry I got carried away, but yea, ORBIS U Moisture’s texture is like that. A melty-jelly that is dense yet airy which protects your skin from damaging threats in a lightweight veil for replenished moisture. Now I want to sprinkle truffle salt on my face. Just kidding.

Happy just looking at them.

My journey with new ORBIS U has been a month now (yes, perks to be Cheesie is to receive it before it launches!🙈), and what I love most about it is definitely how simple it makes my skin care routine – okay this is maybe just me but I realize that I don’t have to walk all the way to throw the cotton pad after applying lotion because I can do it with my hands! It’s trivial but hey, I’d love to save any time I can!

I am hoping that with Orbis U you get to declutter and un-complicate a little part of your life – start with your daily beauty habits!

ORBIS U is available at ORBIS Takashimaya S.C, the ORBIS Online Store, Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Centrepoint (M Beauty),Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty) and selected Sasa stores.

I always love to try out new things, new products and brands, but when I really find a keeper I give my heart to it and work towards a long-lasting relationship.

Cheers to my exciting journey ahead with ORBIS ♡.

And actually I already have something completely new and innovative from ORBIS that I can’t wait to share with you all!! (Was sooo excited after seeing its very “delicious” commercial haha.) Please stay tuned!