Cheese on!

You know what, I started to believe that no news is good news. There’s not much (bad) things happening these days so the good news is I don’t need to dengan penuh emosinya (quoted from Mozzarelly C., 2004) write, okay, type, till I feel like vomit blood.

But come to think of it in another contradictory perspective, bad news is actually good news. Why? Because im a journalist! I mean, people just don’t write good stuff as dengan penuh emosinya(DPE) as bad/sad stuff. Let say you’re happy today you would say “I am so happy today!” , or maybe, “I am so, so, so, happy today!”. But if you are disappointed, sad, angry, desperate, betrayed, cheesed-off, whatever, you can go on and on and on… You just don’t see people write a compliment to the government as brilliant and as DPE as a complaint to, say, just LUCT. And why are most of the award-winning songs and lyrics are written at the time of heartbrokenness? So in a way bad things prompt people to write. Okay, type. The “badder” the thing is, the better you can write.

Aww man… why am I in this ironic situation, where no news isn’t really good news and bad news doesn’t really equal to good news? This is insane man.

So the good news (no news) is, the clouds are clearing up and I don’t need to type while wiping my tears away. I’m happy it is (seemingly) over.

So another good news (bad news) is, Mozzarelly wants to give up blogging. Vart? I just cant believe she would be the first one who said, okay, typed, so! Because she appears to me as the I-feel-like-im-dead-cuz-i-hadn’t-blog-for-2-hours kinda girl. And she was the one who get me started in this whole Blogdom thingie. The fact that she actually wanted to give up her channel of expressing her Dolorification+Chingiliciousness+Vulgaritarianism, and of course, her loyal cheesabality towards Ringoism, kinda shocked me. Why oh cheese why…

The first thing I log on to LJ every time is to read her Blah of the Day, and it never failed to make me laugh/smile/ponder, not to mention the umpteenth times ME being inspired by the things she wrote in her blog. And how fun it is, to conspire with your blogmates (in this case, Mozzie and Michi) to produce great deefamaytoorie pieces to the you-know-who-lar.

As cheesy as it sounds, I really hope to see her blog again, because you know how boring it is to blog alone without people echo with you. And I arktually think that for her, a marathon blogging competition would probably be easier to complete than to give it up. Hmmm… I understand your disappointment and the unjust treatment you are facing. Just let it fade and I’m sure things will be peachier real soon.

C’mon! Give yourself some excuses to blog again. Here are some eegsample u might like to refer to (incentive 4u, no need pay royalty lar):

1. I’m forced to keep blogging cuz an anonymous threatened to send me Anthrax letter if he/she/it doesn’t see my post tomorrow.

2. I’ve obsessive compulsive blogging disorder. Would you find me a good psychiatrist for treatment?

3. What happen to my comie? LJ miraculously become my default homepage and it just doent allow me to browse Glay’s webpage until post something in LJ, help!

4. I’ve sleep-blogging habbit. My mom suggests to tie me up after i fall asleep.

Cheese on gurl!