I don’t see a problem out of having an affair with pinks. I have (almost) everything in pink, ranges from lip glosses, sweaters, sneakers, cardigans, hair bands, earrings, crystals, Baby-Ts, bikinis, pouches, bags, wallet, to hand phone casing, car accessories, to yahoo avatar and blog layout.

She’s the world PINK icon. Her car is full of pinks, her wardrobe I imagine, is also full of pinks, her brain is probably pink in color, her mood is always pink, her hair is soon going to be pink, and I don’t know what else she will think of next. Thank goodness her car isn’t pink. YET. (Chen, M. C., 2004, para. 6)

To prove you my incorrigible fetish about pinkiness, I’m pondering about dying my hair pink and inventing a new pink cheese variety. And perhaps to spray Parmie pink, too.

Hmmm…. it was not that I was born with an abnormal eyesight which prevents me from spotting colors other than pinks. Actually, my old flame was not pink but green. (lime green in particular.) But you can’t just wear everything in green can you? I mean, have you seen anyone wearing a froggish green lip gloss? (And people in horror movie or Halloween costume do not count.)

I was told that this year or next year’s color is pink/purple. Even Tony Leong started wearing pink.

But im very selective with the pinks. I don’t just like EVERY single shade of pink. Shocking pink is not my piece of cheese but the very Barbie Pink. Now it is no wonder I seem like the only one around who does not hate Paris Hilton (whose name is often associated with Barbie doll and pink and pink and pink.)

Having said that, I must say that pinking yourself from top to toe can be downright scary. As scary as seeing your boyfriend walk out from the kitchen with monkey’s tail stuck on his butt.

People ask why pink?

But why not pink?

Hmmm… if you insist an answer, I would say it’s because I can still afford to abuse pinks before it is too late to do so!

By the way, FYI, Jaclyn Victor is a huge fan of pinks too!

Here are some pinkylicious stuff which might give you a pink-sick.




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