De-cheesilization and Pasted tense gone Cheesed Day!

I cannoted believes i actually de-cheesilized myself today.

I am no longer the Cheesiest Queen no more… Because, because, because……

I cutted my nails!

I really doesnt meant to cutted my nails!

Self confess–Im not a good Ringoist. I broke the Ringoism principle!

The rule of thumb (no pun intended) is, when one nail breaks, i will have to cut it all. Few weeks ago i breaked my right pinky nail, and i pretended nothing happened. And then today i breaked my right ring finger nail again! Time to rest in peace, you people. I mean, you nails.

Before they were being killed ceremonially, here’s a pic for their sacrificial memorial:

Well good thing though. Even i haved reduced my cheesability, i didn’ted haved to worried about using my knuckles to type in the near future.

But I haves to now re-summon my Cheesablity all over again. *sobzzzz*

Oh, and speaking of summon, i once again, cannoted believes that i gotted the real, tearable, edible(by goats) shit of, erm, sheet of summon worth RM100 just becaused i left Parmie unfed for the cheese-damned 15 mins at Jalan SS26/4 nombor petak 012 when i went to photocopieded my layout for MDI assignment.

So i actuallied melanggared syarat No.7 Sistem Letak Kereta Bermeter Bayar dan Peraga–Tiada Sebarang Tiket Bayared & Peraga diparmirkaned.

The first time ever in my driving history. Merry Cheesemas!

By the way if you are wonderinged what the cheese happeneded to Cheesie today, with all these pasted-tense, oh, this is a pakated stunt with Michi and Chingy, to writed a tribute speacially dedicated to our Lawed, Policied, and Regulationed lecturer for she has teached us a valuable lesson on how to improved our grammar when it comed to academiced writing. Like Chingy said, for the first time in our learninged history, we’re being lectured on incorrectly corrected grammar to replaced the correctly incorrected grammar.

Take a look at Michified version A tribute to an analistic woman and Chingified version A Lesson To Remembered of the tribute.
Haved fun!

P/Sed: By the way, after readed Chingified version,if you were wondering who the poopr victim whose line “”Computer hacking is harder to define” being incorrectly corrected to “Computer hacking were harder to defined” is, I AM. I mean, I AMed.