Few days later, after Q. watched some B&W movie
Q. :does “Gone with the Wind” count
A. :No…it’s in Technicolour…i thought i said B&W
though Scarlett Ohara is as spoilt and pretty as a princess
and Rhett Butler is too cool to be a prince
but hell….it’s in colour.
Q. :Riiiiight…!?

What if your beloved princess is still not paying enough attention to u
or don’t give a damn about you

rule no.7……The last Alamo

act pathetic and pretends that it hurts a lot

Q. :Yeah…i know now from rule no.6 that crying is acceptable
but what if i can’t cry
A. :First…u can attend some drama class but then again it’s
for sissy. Real guy apply some lemon or salt on the back
of his hand and rub against his eye when desperate situation
calls for desperate measure. Don’t ever use vicks…it makes u
smell like your grandma. And vicks are for Kiddos…be a man.
You can also think of the girls that used to kick your bud.
Q. :Does my Mom and sister count?
A. :Oh….you..pathetic little maggot. Get a life for Christ’s sake
but I suppose u r pathetic enough for the princess to give you a
sympathetic smile and say to you “take care of yourself”
Q. :Does..it really hurt?
A. :Most of the time it’s only in your imagination…was that a trick question?
Q. :Yes….I thought you said pretend…so how could it hurt?
A slaps Q. on the head again

rule no.8

Is there a last alamo after the last alamo?

Nope, pick up your luggage bag and move on.

Q. :What if all else fails….do i kill myself for real?
A. :Again,you can if u r a sissy. I know Romeo committed suicide but I
think u should know that during shakespeare’s time all the babes
were actually guys on stage. So yeah…unless you
are also a gay, you can bloody take double dose of pesticide
and frankly my dear…i don’t give a damn.

note: Honestly it’s not as bad as it sound as long as we remember that there is always a princess somewhere in our heart as long as you treat her like one.
Just don’t expect anything in return because that’s not how it works.:)
It’s good enough as long as you gave her your best and if she likes u in
return…well…congratulation….if not? you’ve done your best
move forward…that’s life. At least your beloved princess is in your heart forever. Special dedication to all the good prince charming wannabe in the world.


*edits cheesie*
Cheesavo, PCW! Except that I didn’t know what an Alamo is. The closest word in the Ringoistic dictionary is “a la mode” oh and where’s my choco brownie?