I lost my wallet 5 MONTHS AGO, and they found it today.


Bloody hell.

After all the painstaking queueing and registrations and waiting and post-wallet-lost sufferings, you tell me now you FOUND MY WALLET.

The person who stole/picked up my wallet kept it under his/her/its/shims pillow for five months waiting for the money and coins to mate each other is it? Then he/she/it/shim finally accepted the fact that money is sterile and therefore decided to surrender it back to its owner is it?! Or are you LUCY people just plain LAZY to even pick up the phone and call the panicked wallet owner while saying “serves her right” and after five months you read an article about not returning other people’s belongings might end you up rotting in hell and hence the phone call is it?!?


But suen la.

My complaints shall end here. Because like the wanderer said, this is the best case d. Some good soul actually returned my wallet. And hell it hasn’t slimmed down abit. Its stomach is almost intact, except that missing RM150. But that being is so kind he/she/it/shim actually left me RM8.57 lest i have to pay for petrol tol and parking (which is not anywhere near enough, hun).

Five months ago i was whining about my wallet-penny-identity-license-discountcard-ATMcard-membershipcard-studentIDlessness.


I now am multi-indentity and multi-wallet and multi-etc. IF ONLY im also a multi-cheezillionaire.

And look i got back my fully stamped coffee bean cards also. Whoa didn’t know i have a half-stamped starfucks card also. Holy Hayley, i even have a FULLY STAMPED Shu Uemura reward card. CRAPPPP they already terminated the redemption service la you bastard!


Crap wei. Will they arrest me for having multi identities and suspect that my last name is bin laden? My last name is so gonna be Santoro!