N weeks ago, Albert had his hair highlighted.


Now I have to call him Al-blue-bert.

The thing is, he seemed to be the only one who believes that his hair is bluish, when in fact everyone else thought it was greenish.

Bluebert got paranoid. He started grabbing everyone in sight by their collars/sleeves and asked, “What color is my hair? Huh huh huh ?”

I was one of his sleeve grabbing victims (Thank Cheesus I was not wearing sleeveless).

Bluebert: “What color is my hair? Huh huh huh ?”
Cheesie: “Uhm… *gazes at his hair for 10 sec* Green…ish?”
Bluebert: *utters a loooong sigh of disappointment*
Cheesie: “well… how bout uhm… turquoise?”
Bluebert: *eyes glisten with joy* REALLY??
Cheesie: But……*hesitates*
Bluebert: But what?
Cheesie: It makes you look like a peacock!
Bluebert: 0_o

Blue bird 1

Blue bird 2

That night, bluebert went home and slathered a whole tube of bleach and hydrogen peroxide on his hair, hopefully to turn himself into a non-peacock-looking bluebird.

*few days later*


*melancholic honkie opera music playing in the background*

Albert Santoro, you now look like an aged, senile, nestridden (I supposed a bird doesn’t sleep on a bed) PEACOCK!


Later of the day, bluebert took a picture of me playing with my new toy.

Strange enough, while looking at the lcd, he discovered a blue patch on my hair in the picture, due to a certain angle/lighting, whatever.

Bluebert: Check this out. You’re so blue.
Cheesie: *looks at lcd* That makes me stink even more. Bleu Cheese. >_Bluebert: YAY. We’re both blue.
Cheesie: Ya la ya la. I’ve been talking to you so much I’m turning into a peacock too.
Bluebert: Really? Yay! Let’s mate!!
Cheesie: WHAT?! with YOU? A SENILE PEACOCK?! 0_o
Bluebert: *nods*
Cheesie: *slaps forehead*
Bluebert: *grins like an oaf*
Cheesie: But are you still potent?
Bluebert: -_-”

Anycheese. I’m so mean to make fun of Al-blue-bird-peacock’s unsuccessful hair bleach and his future impotence. To apologize, and AS REQUESTED, I hereby attach a picture of His Entauness to make up for his lowered self-esteem due to my insensitivity.

Hopefully this entau picture of yours will bring you more French Chickens.