After Eight Irish Cream

So what is it? You can’t eat it before eight? Siao ah.

Imagine when out of the yellow you have a lil dying cravie for a piece of irish cream choccie and you look at the clock, it is 6.30pm!!

So potong steam right?

But fret not. It doesn’t say whether it’s after 8am or after 8pm. So technically anytime is after eight. Wahahah!! Why am I so smart, mom?

Before i even open the box, the strong aroma of irish cream could already send me to drunkville ( I’m a bad, bad drinker). The dark chocolate is not bitter enough to balance the tooth-rotting sweetness of the irish cream fondant. It might get a little too cloying after eight after eights.

Mozzie and I both agree that After Eight Mint is still way better. Classic. But i would still say it was worth trying, it’s after eight after all.

I like how every piece of choccie is individually wrapped with a thin paper so they dont kiss each others’ butts and so that your hand don’t get sticky too. But some say that’s the fun of it—getting your fingers muddy with choc, so that you can lick it, or get someone to lick it (for example your Chinkerbell Maltese) !


Choccie Points: 6.5

Meiji Choco Petite Assorted

(from left to right: Marble Strawberry Chocolate, Coffee Beat, Choco Baby, Apollo Strawberry Choco Drops, Marble Chocolate )

Don’t be deceived by the packaging.

Uhm. Let me rephrase. DO, be deceived by the packaging.

Wait that still sounds wrong. Ok nevermind. Let me tell you.

I bought this only because I was feeling particularly aesthetically aroused that day. You know, like how sometimes you look at beautiful things and you just wanna have them, whether they are of use or not, and even if you might regret having them later on. For example, (girls please look at whichever item covered with spiderweb in your closet and shoe rack) and (guys please refer to how Nick Lachey feels about this [then] wife).

I’ve never expected the content beneath the packaging to be even remotely tasty.


It was in fact so good, Mozzie and I almost fell off the ground and lolled on the ceiling.

They are so mini, so tasty, so pretty.

We both like “Coffee Beat” the most. It looks and tastes excreamly coffee bean like. Like how the uncrushed bits of coffee beans in your Ultimate Mocha explode on your tongue and give you that few second orgasmic high. lol.

But still I need to control my caffeine intake so Mozzie, you can have a whole box to yourself. Bah.


I love Choco Baby too. It is so so tiny, so so infant, so so lovable, so soft and tender, just like babies (If you are observant enough, some Babies have a star shape filling on the bottom end). You just wanna pop them all into your ingestion orifice at one go and masticate every juicy bit of them.

*insert lickerish cannibal-like guffaws here*

Choccie Points: 7

P/S: Just feeling abit horny today. Don’t blame me, blame the choccie! LOL.