Few days ago, Keju Sia left a comment on my Evil Cheeslings post saying that he has immoral thoughts when he looked at the Zang Toi logo.

Let’s take a look at the logo again.

But no matter how hard i tried, i still couldn’t figure out how immoral the logo could look.

So i started the “fill in the blank” game i used to play when i was a little cheese.

First, there’s this incomplete image.

You should spice it up with your creative imagination so that it looks like something else.

In fact, the first thing that came to my mind was that it looks like a funeral wreath.

It could look like an elaborated mirror the Evil Empress of Cheese owns.

“Mirror mirror hanging on the wall, who’s the cheesiest of them all?”

It could make a very good portrait frame too.

Besides that, i also think that it looks like a deadee.

(I know it’s way too early to prepare this, Mr Zang. But if you like the idea i can sell it to you at a special discount. Custome-make for you also can, plus free delivery to your funeral.)

Mozzie lagi creative. She thinks it looks like Queen Elizabeth’s wig/hair.

She has a smaller crown this time around.

But i guess since i’ve designed a deadee for Zang Toi, might as well make an image revamp for Queen Lizzie. After all Keju Sia has already given her a complete Hilary-Duffy makeover.

But i think she would prolly like the bombshell diva look ala Beyonce more, hola!

Waaa i bet she will love her new curls and ditch her old wig.


Keju Sia finally confessed to me what exactly the immoral thoughts he was having are.

Sigh, unfortunately i have to put up a warning before i post anything that relates to Keju Sia:


His visualization of his “immoral thoughts”.

Just that i didn’t know he has a liking for wax patterns and fancy decos like ribbons!


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