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March 29, 2006 in Cheesellaneous

I discovered this pink after my japanese class in SS2.


I totally love pink Jazz but the Hello Kitty logo…


Just so potong steam lo. Totally spoiled the classy look can.


In fact the wording itself is very nice. I would say some pink graffiti on it will be so cheesing sexy. Sexy graffiti!! Hoi Moses, who says there’s no such thing as sexy graffiti. You will see soon. Muahaha.

The interior is absopinkishlutely Hello Kittiful. Too bad my cam doesn’t have X-ray lens.

And check. out. that. tyre. 0_0

I wonder if the beams are pink too. Oh, maybe in the shape of a kitty head. -_-lll

27 responses to “Pink of the day”

  1. Porkie says:

    quite a niash cute car but wish the hello kitty logo and stuff wsa a bit more dicrete, the tail pipe flushed with the bumper and some sideskirts to go with the front and rear lips.

    does remind me of the tare panda toyota yaris/echo/vitz i saw last time by the japanese bookshop over here!!

    still.. very pinkyliciious.. your new car princess or is it still that lipstick pink rx-7? :oD

  2. geovanni says:

    eh… ppl need to use that guy to fetch chicks.. that’s why..

  3. JenniJane says:

    hey ringo 😉
    whose car is it? really abit potong stim aha.. too girly. nice for keeps at home but i will no drive that car haha.

  4. cheesie says:

    Hey Jenni Cutie! Since when you are reading my blog? =D

  5. Alicia says:

    2 weeks ago, I saw that car too in SS2. Some of the stuffs are really cute (but only if u put 1 or 2 items on the car – not on every single spot of the car. I think the inside is equally bad.)

  6. cheng sim says:

    omg. thats a one freaky Hello Kitty car. it would be SO SO much better without the HelloKitty-ness. im not surprised if a homosexual man drives that home. eewww.

  7. funnycheese says:

    you’re not the only person spot the car b4… I’ve seen it park someplace nearby where I work. 🙂

  8. Teck Guan says:

    I must improve on the pic editing soon…

    Emm… Do you have equipment still useable and wanna replaced by getting new one? Consider giving some to me. 😀

    Lightening is important. I just ain’t getting it right. 🙁

  9. Anonymous says:

    omg. someone save the owner of that car? so malufying to drive that around wei.. in ss2 summore.. so pai seh..

  10. tina says:

    so pai seh to drive that around. kesian the owner.. sure kena kutuk.

  11. Hello Kitty is yucky! *puke* Car is cute though =) Btw, you’re hot!

  12. wenJun says:

    The Hello Kitty is sickening. It’s like having Hello Kitty tattooed to your body

  13. errr says:

    the rims look kinda flimsy, looks like a cut out from some barrel cover. Well,at least it got a huge exhaust pipe or izit a twin?

  14. errr says:

    cute car, flimsy rims though, nice huge tail pipe, or izit a twin? LOL

  15. errr says:

    cute car, flimsy rims though. nice huge tail pipe, or izit a twin?

  16. geovanni says:

    Yo! Update pls…

  17. Anonymous says:

    That is so gay

  18. vivian says:

    i like it…
    it’s a really nice tone of pink…
    it’s not the sickening kind…
    and hello kitty, she’s very cute.

  19. Galindo says:

    In Response to wenJun, I think Hello Kitty tattoos on the body look cool.

  20. Katalina Hilton says:

    I just LOVE hello kitty so so so so much !!!! she is so awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. zoe says:

    this is the worst thing that i have ever seen it is so childish:(

  22. Whitney says:

    I really luv your car, and dont worry about what other people say. The car is really cute, hello kitty is really cute and you do your thang.

  23. milly says:

    i think thats a kwl looking car but dnt siut the model but good going chick
    i like ya rims and things really groovy

  24. KAe says:

    Could you please tell me where did you get Max Wheel (heart shape) this is so cute, I love that.

    Please tell me the brand name or where you purchase!!!?

    Girl in Thailand waiting for your reply


  25. jess says:

    i love this car its really cool………..

  26. dora says:

    waowwww….. very cooollll………

  27. julie says:

    woooooo!!! i like one this!!!.


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