I’ve been reading some entries in an old blog these few days. There’s this particular post written long long time ago i did not publish here due to some reasons.
But i decided to share it today!

Have cheese.

The Maxis ad is out!

Three handsome young men in green uniform holding umbrellas escorting a pretty pretty ugly rich girl to her sapphire BMW.

For whatever “Intensive multi-data coverage” shit and I don’t care because that was the stupidest ad I’ve ever done.

Screw Maxis for such a stupid shoot, and not opening on New Year and the day after new year. What lazy bums! And screw Maxis for barring my line for a whole day after I’ve done all the renewal and stuff.

And *thank you* Jason for your carefully-structured-so-that-it’s-politically-correct remark that the ad looks so “unflattering” of me.

Okay I admit I look UGLY but not as UGLY as you described okay!! You scared the shit out of me when you made it sound as if I looked like the female Michael Jackson with no teeth. And the only good thing you could ever say was “that pearl necklace looks kinda nice”?!?! Arrrgh!

Anywee yes I look ugly in the ad. The reason I was chosen is because they said I look mix(-malay, I know, -_-). (Same reason for the Rejoice tvc, but that time was mix-vietnamese. *slaps face* Cheesus Crust). But screw you Maxis, I know I’m already tanned but you don’t need to make me so tanned like a kit-kat bar!!

So if you think doing an ad is easy, fun and is the path to earn quick $, lemmi tell you the truth.

On the shooting day, call time was 7am. But we waited endlessly for another hour only to start doing our make-up. When we finally thought we could start the shoot, the director wanted my hair curly to match the elegant rich girl image. Thanx to him, everybody had to wait another one and half hour and I was made to look like the culprit just because my hair is so freaking long!

The wardrobe fitting for me also took forever (unlike the guys who already had a standard uniform). I was supposed to look expensive, rich and all, so whatever I brought wouldn’t suit. When they finally settled on this lovely golden-beige sleeveless dress, temporarily sewn to fit my body, the director came and said please change another one because you-know-la, there’re a lot of Muslim audience and sleeveless dress might look tak senonoh.

Ok fine. So I changed to a golden-beige long sleeve top and an ivory A-line skirt. And when we finally were about to start shooting, the director said to the fashion coordinator, “Unbutton her top abit la, show some cleavage.”


And why did you even bother whether my right leg or left leg steps out first when you don’t even show my legssss in the ad?!?

And the last straw!!!

The rain is real!!!

Screw you Maxis, can’t you just freaking hire a good Photoshop expert (eg me *smug*), instead of using a whole truckful of water for the rainmaking!!!!

Because, go look at the ad, the rain looks so eff-king FAKE anyways!

So what is so wrong to PS the rain instead of making us all wet like cottage cheese soaked in water, then blew dry my clothes then freaking poured the rain again…And my hair became as straight as ever when it’s wet. Pity your effort, you cheesy little hairstylist.

And dear director, I would really apprciate if you could demonstrate how it is possible to “walk gracefully” in the rain. Please enlighten me really.