April 30, 2006 in Cheesellaneous

For some odd reasons, i have this sudden urge to write about something extra juicy that happened recently.

However, to protect some certain party’s interest, i reckon it wouldn’t be a very good idea. =(

Well. We’ll see about that. I have 24 hours to change my mind.

13 responses to “Juicy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMFG..Is that XiaXue’s butt?…kekeke

    BTW,im voting for publishing the Juicy post for blogders sake….kekeke

  2. Kenny Sia says:

    Staring…. staring…

    *slaps self*


  3. CraSH says:

    yeah i am all for the extra juicy!! haha… just keep their names anonymous with ah kow and ah lian…
    hmm.. i dont think that is your juicy in the pic!! correct?

  4. astrosurge says:

    lets see..so what so juicy about? excess diarrhoeic fluid gush?


    if it was ur arse – sorry ar -_-=.
    if it was other ppl’s arse – JUST DUN GIVE A DAYMN. ;0

  5. use mosaic, if u cant show her face!

  6. Angel says:

    hmm.. do you know where can i get some of those funky pants?

  7. funnycheese says:

    I dunt care for the butt belong to whom…
    I care of what juicy things happen to you recently… =(

  8. a2blog says:

    yeah.. i like juicy stuff. it sure is a good idea. *grin*

  9. fr0stie says:


  10. Selfairy says:

    Hahha!! You tease!! You know that we’d all wanna know what [strikeout]juicy[/strikeout] cheesy things you have in store! xD

  11. DarReNz says:

    a juicy cheesy butt ?

  12. errrbad says:

    Looks like she is wearing a G-string inside. 🙂

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