I accidentally stayed up late because of an interesting conversation i had with this friend about names (might blog about that later) and the differences between Singapore and Malaysia.

Anycheese. It was about time to sleep and so i said to him but there was no reply.


You may not send a nudge that often?!?!

Got such thing one meh? For a moment i thought my MSN kena virus.


I started to think that MSN God wanted to punish me because i condemn orgasm-deprived morons molesting my MSN by nudging nonstop until it hangs and commits suicide and thus He decided to deprive me of my privilege to molest other people too.


But i didn’t believe a good cheese like me (well i receive pressies from Santa every year!) who has done a holy good deed just last night (Ed you can be a witness of this) deserved to be treated like this leh.

So i wanted to prove it is not just only me!

Holy Haley!!

You know what?

I think MSN’s creator (must be a guy, don’t argue) is very very jealous of the ability of a girl to have multiple orgasm.

Bastard. LOL.

Oh yea. He prolly looks like this:

Model: YeeHou