After committing Bunni-O-cide, i ate the bunny.

I’m not kidding.

I. ate. the. bunny.

It was chopped, minced, pressed and cooked into confit. The meat and bones and marrows were double-boiled into this concentrated cup of bunny essence.

Whoa i tell you. The feta cheese in the essence tasted damn good.

Wanna see the proof?

I even have the recipe for it. This is the short description.

I felt so beastly.

The dysfunctional, crippled bunny mutated into a fluorescent werebit. Sorta like Hutch. No, more like Wallace the Werebit.

Wait. It is not even a Werebit. It’s more bizarre than that.


Bunny ears are mutating into long antlers.

Sharp claws are emerging from the soft paws.

I shall call the mutant aBist. Its nature is similar to that of a hybrid of bitch+beast.

Hence the Bist.

Beware! The curse of the Bist is befalling!!!