If you just came across my blog, I know you are very curious–to what extend my obsession with cheese could be?

Lemmi tell you.

I eat cheese, i talk cheese, i breathe cheese, i sleep cheese, i dream cheese.

I even fill my academic essays, reports, feature articles and advertising campaigns with cheese.

Cheese is my muse.

This is what i actually wrote when Journalism lecturer Mr Ralph asked us to come up with sentences using the 5Ws and 1H.

Cheese is made mostly from the milk of cows but also other mammals including sheep, goats, buffalo, reindeer, camels and yaks.

The winner of the 2001 Best Exported British Cheese Award is–Stinking Bishop.

France is the country which has the most varieties of cheese in the world.

Around 4000 years ago people have started to breed animals and process their milk. That’s when the cheese was born.

Cheese is getting more popular in Malaysia because everybody hates jam.

The sharp taste of vintage cheddar is derived from a maturing process up to three years.

And my latest Advertising campaign for Swan Toothpick.

I know. WTF right. I didn’t even know how to advertise such *ahem* *unique* product you can’t even find in the supermarket.

Come on la. They don’t even have enough budget to hire a designer ok. Sorry. Feel like being mean today.

Anycheese. Say cheese.

Toothpicks and product shot are superimposed. Yes. my PS sucks.


The nightmare i had this morning was really dreadfully vividly scary. For the first time, i actually think that my Nightmare Theory is flawed.