The right angle (pun intended) Part II

April 29, 2006 in The Stinky Cheese

You have seen Cyndi Wang’s left face. Now Let’s see some right faces.

Warning: Amber Chia Overdose and very long post

I hate Amber Chia.


Shit. Hold! Don’t shoot! Please, hold your pistols, you Amber worshippers! Wait wait wait. I can explain!

*rephrases previous statement*

I absocheesinglutely *love* Amber. But I hate taking picture with her.


Oh no, shit! Wait, hold that acid thing. I don’t mean it. *slaps self* I mean who doesn’t like taking picture with her right? Man, most of you would prolly even give up wanking for three days just to be seen together with her in a same photograph.

Haih. How to explain leh.

Well, let’s put it this way.

Amber is gorgeous. Amber is beautiful. Amber is famous. Amber is friendly.

She has appeared on numerous magazine covers.

She’s done countless fashion shoots.

Last year, Amber Chia was announced a Pensonic’s “friend” along with other celebrities.

Just recently, she advertised for Dutch Lady’s yogurt drink and became the latest spokesperson for Celebrity Fitness.

Just like Cyndi Wang, she also likes to pose at a particular angle, which emphasizes her right face.

However, her “half other face” is not as mysterious as Cyndi’s. Pictures of her left face is still easily available. You know why?

You see. Amber is a professional model. Apart from fashion shoots and commercial shoots, she also does runways.

Allow me to illustrate.

See, when you are surrounded by so god damn many photographers, it is unavoidable that every possible angle of you will be captured. Like it or not.

They shoot you from your most hated angle.

Or worse, they just simply shoot and you get crap photos (or in a glorified term–candid shots).

Now. Unless she specifically requests for a runway design where the left side is covered by a solid wall in which only allows everybody to sit on the right side of the stage, and put up a “No photography from the left allowed” sign board.

Or, she can hire several armed bouncers to surround the stage and ban photographers to shoot from the left stage. Whoever tries to snap a picture from the left side will be brutally traumatized and have his/her camera smashed into pieces on the spot.

Else, the exposure of her left face is, unfortunately, inevitable.

However, either way is pointless, because, I don’t think modeling agencies train models to walk backward. When she turns around and walks back, for sure she would show her “the other half”.

Unless, of course, she now hires a traffic police as security guard, who blows a whistle while signaling “Shoo! To the left now. Shoo! To the right now”, making the photographers run like mad.

Anyway. Apart from circumstances that are beyond her control, Amber tries her very best to live up to her professional-model integrity by showcasing her best angle as much as possible.


When you see Amber, you are so sexcited excited already, your brain has migrated somewhere else, damn kembang, where got time to think how you should pose, right?

Or maybe you think it’s just coincidence that she so happened to pose on the right side.

Cheesie, stop being anal. You either stand on the left, OR right.
Tak kan you back face the camera, duh? So chances or her standing on the right side is 50%, right?


*I* have taken photos with her several times okay, you shut up. She *must* stand on the right side.

Let me support my statement.

Scenario: Let’s say it’s her Guess endorsement launch and there’s a gigantic bigass poster of hers. Everyone is sexcited excited.

You approach her and want to take a photo with her, with the poster as background.

YAYness!! She agrees. You faster walk to the poster before she does so that *you* decide how to pose.

You think you damn smart. You already stand at the far right corner of the poster, where else can she stand right? She will be left no choice but stand on your left lor. Muahaha.

(I just realized this sentence is kinda punny. Wahaha.)



Wrong again.



Ok lo. Suan le ba. Who is more famous now? You want to take picture with her anot?
Want then shut up.


Therefore. I had to show my ugly left face. o_o

But sometimes kenot tahan means kenot tahan leh. How come only *she* can look good *I* cannot. Sobz!

Therefore after taking the picture above, I specifically requested another one. This time, we would SWAP PLACE!!!!



Amber you are so gorgeous, so pretty, so beautiful, so hot, so sexy, so errr… nice! =DDD

I love Amber! *Mwah*

55 responses to “The right angle (pun intended) Part II”

  1. errr says:

    As long as the angle is right, left or right, both r right. 🙂

  2. errr says:

    As much as i fancy GUESS apparels and accessories…i still prefer to savour my cheese anytime, anyday. 🙂

  3. errr says:

    I love cheese in my all sandwiches..the stronger the better…current fav. is edam…vintage cheese is excellent too.

  4. extranormal says:

    I’ve recently linked to your blog and started reading. And I must add, this is a very very interesting entry Cheesie!

  5. Kelly says:

    u r right (look, there’s a pun) ur right face do look better! not that ur left is ugly or anything… just that i’m convinced 🙂

  6. Porkie says:

    hey.. who is that fella with the hot fcuk t-shirt? isn’t he supposed to be the most loyal ringoist? what’s he doing with amber? scandal scandal!!! you should show his face xoD

    cheesie dear.. do you need me to prevent people from shooting the left side of your face? i work for free, just say the word..ehehe..

    as far as ugly left side? there is no ugly about it or you at all, you look as great from the left, right, front etc :o)

  7. eunice says:

    finally Amber is left with her left face 😀 after reading, i notice that the pic i took with her also shows her right face! hmm… guess what u say i right, it’s right face.

  8. funnycheese says:

    U look great at both sides.
    As long as it’s a great shot, you dunt have to think so much which side u look better. =)

    Some left face shoot look ugly, but taken at the correct angle…u look great and cheesetremely photogenic. =)

  9. astrosurge says:

    woah, this subject can be studied as a science called ‘modanglelogy’! (means modelling angle studies).

    didnt knew it was that important until i read this, syabazz..learnt somethin nw today wohoo..

  10. asada says:

    kimi ha sugoku kirei dane. amber yori motto motto kirei dayo. hontou da. ^_^

  11. xiing~ says:

    she uses her fringe to cover much of her right face? o.O”

  12. Selfairy says:

    I think Amber looks beautiful from both angles. =S

  13. if u dont like to show your left face, then pose right as well lah~ both of u look at the same direction~~ then problem is solved~ muaahaha. ur left face is not ugly at all, u think too much liao =P

  14. Kenny Lee says:

    it seems that no difference at all, be it left or right…

  15. Reon says:

    Wooo, finally it’s up! The *blog* you planned for so long. Haha… Well, I think the left/right face has something to do with the hairstyle too??

    For Amber’s case, she’s been doing modelling for so many years, so it’s natural that she already found out her best face to the camera. And do remember one thing, she was taking pix for you (and others), but she won’t get the picture right? So she just wanted to leave the best possible picture to you, and all other fans. Well that’s what I feel lah. =)

    Anyway, I gotta LOVE your illustration on that “left spot” demonstration. Freaking funny!!!! =D

  16. Anonymous says:

    U both look like sis!…. 🙂

    Wonder if there is anyone looks good either left or right,symmetrical as Albert said??

  17. Anonymous says:

    cheesie, IMHO, i think at both angles u look cute…

  18. PENNY says:

    Hi Cheesy… I love u… *laughs* u r so beautiful

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ringo-pie, i’m gonna give u 3 swts for this post…

    -_-lll -_-lll -_-lll

    Too much of Amber Chia… goshh!!

  20. plue_lp says:

    keke.. i found myself hooked to yet ANOTHER blog!! hehe.. reli like ur style.. funny sia..

  21. i like ur lolita image =D

  22. Kenny Sia says:

    *gasp* I am so sexcited there’s so many photos of Amber.

    Oh, and Cheesie too. 🙂

  23. cheesie says:

    errr: Try cracker barrel! =P

    extranormal & Funnycheese:Thank you!

    Kelly: yay. We’re both punny =)

    Porkie: Then I shall get some stinkacheese concotion. lol.

    Eunice: Hey you took pic with amber also? I wanna see!! =D

    Astro: so when are you coming up with your lengluilengchailogy? LOL.

    Asada: Uun. Comment wa arigatou! Demo hazukashii da. Sonnani kirei jyanai to omou wa. =P

    xiing & selfairy: In fact Amber looks fine in almost all angle. Just that the right angle flatters her the most. =)

    Navicgator & Kenny Lee: I’m just maximizing the chances of being *more* photogenic. =)

    Reon: Hey, you are very right. Your hair line has much to do with the angle too. Thanx for the comment. And yes, I must say I admire her professionalism very much. =)

    Anonymous1 & 2 & Plue_lp: Thank you! =)

    Penny: Whoa! I love you too! =D

    Anonymous3: is that you Leonade? Why use anon leh?

    Keju : Since when you are not sexcited la. -__-|||

  24. endroo G says:

    Just rolled into this blog. Cheesy, both you and Amber are so gorgeous. Serious. I got fairly sexcited. Amber’s your colleague? Can get an autographed picture of her for me ?

    Keep up the good work. Bring us more nice pictures and poses.

  25. Lain says:

    This enry is hilarious XD and soooo true

  26. Dragon City says:

    haha…look like it make sense…damn funny lar if like that.. ^_^

  27. hair line~! yea, usually ppl will look better when the pic is taken from the side, where the hairline is. so if we have center-parting, we’ll look the same from left and right!
    no wonder cheesie likes the “near-to-center” and “back-comb” style…. =P

  28. mizzvickz says:

    u know what? at certain angles, you look like amber chia. i’m serious! 🙂

  29. cheesie says:

    endroo g: Thanx for dropping by =) Whoa i wish she was my colleague man… or not. I’ll be so overshadowed. haha.

    Lain & Dragon City: Glad it made u smile =D

    the navicgator: I have no certain parting (which is good because it delays balding, hehe), sometimes just lazy to get a proper parting so i back-comb my hair. =)

    mizzvickz: I get that from others too, but i guess she’s just too omnipresent her face got embeded in everyone’s mind. =P

  30. nryu says:

    amber rawks!!!
    Malaysia Boleh…!!!

  31. w3s says:

    I think you are prettier than Amber.

  32. jen says:

    amber looks good in both angle. guess model wert.

  33. rayleen says:

    if u dont mind me saying, i think ur left side looks really good… u’re a very pretty girl… and i dont think the angle makes a difference… its usually u have it or u dont… and you have it… i think its just psychological to think u have a better side.. i dunno…

  34. ms.femme says: what you mentioned it(along with proofs!haha) that is hillarious. proves that even beautiful people are insecure? hee =)

  35. DarReNz says:

    next time both of you try to take pics wid both facing left and right side and middle too then can compare ….

  36. […] After reading The Right Angle Part I and Part II, Peachick came out with this idea to confuse everyone with my left and right face. […]

  37. Sunny says:

    Hehe, I still like the photos of Amber standing on the right. Maybe I had an overdose of those photos before the last Amber on the left photo.
    You look better when u r standing on her left leh

  38. mickey says:

    whether is rite or left,watz d prob la?i not onli wan amber if i m stranded on an island,gv me carmen,hannah&u tooooooo!!!!!!!!hehehe……….yum yum……..wat 2 do?me ham sap lor!!!!!all d best in ur life,anyway…cheers!

  39. John says:

    Can I say “Cheesie Kabooms!” in here??? 🙂

    Your beauty is brilliant at any angle to me Cheesie! Left, Right, Center… Even upside down!

    I may not be a fashion show manager, (hey… but who knows?)
    But I will say Cheesie KaBOOMS any darn tootin time I want to!

    They should make Cheesie KaBOOMS Whole Grain Cereal.
    Now with X-tra Cheesilisciousness!!!

    Peace, Light, and Love to You Cheesie! 🙂

  40. Lol says:

    amber doesn’t look good -.-“

  41. chast says:

    cheesie is lesbian

  42. Rakel says:

    omg.. amber is ugly n skinny..

  43. d ex xx says:

    i took a pic with her and she was posing with her right face! 😛

  44. cheesie says:

    d ex xx: See i told you!!!666

  45. d ex xx says:

    haha!! whats with the 666? i posted the pic in my blog already.

  46. Simon Seow says:

    I think both you and Amber Chia have almost the same face complexion, thus sharing the same right angle.

  47. uknown says:

    this girl is kicking … super hot

  48. vandershraaf says:

    lawa gile si amber ni…kalo jd awek aku,seronok giler!

  49. Chee San says:

    Nice lesbian girl.

  50. LadyBird says:

    Simple and pretty 😈

  51. belle says:

    honestly, i think u are more photogenic and prettier than amber cos her teeth and jawline looks like kinda weird and the way she speaks is so ah lian. From a professional view of point, amber should keep her mouth shut in photo shoots since her mouth is outta proportion from the rest of her face. Girls with thick lips should have equal big eyes like angelina jolie not like her beany slitty eyes…makes her looks slutty than classy. It’s the charisma that makes a girl looks pretty and i think u have it…miss cheesie 😈

  52. Joey says:

    Were you being nit picking?

  53. Beth says:

    I know this is an old entry, but you’re so beautiful in these photos.

  54. 番仔 says:

    I like your left face.

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