Pun of the day:
Photo with Amber—-No Chance Left.

What’s happening in One Utama? So dramatic!

Yes incheese. Some drama is going on.


The story goes like this:

A young couple goes shopping in One Utama on a sunny afternoon…

(Poor Amber, i saw her yawn at least 20 times in half an hour. Must be those late night shoots!)

(But she looked damn adorable! ^_^)

On the other side…

Danny started to panic

The above story is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed are used fictitiously.

Behind the scene

And how could i forget to…

Take picture with Amber gorgeous! She hogged the right side… as usual.


But i forced her to swap places… as usual.



Crap. So so sorry. I think the male actor is Steven Yap and not Danny Something. Thanx Mr Pig for correction.