Apple or banana?

May 16, 2006 in Cheese-offs / Cheesoron

Dammit. Webbit screwed up these two days. Connection signal is blinking 30 second red and two second green alternatively.

Grrr!!! It is like calling your chained up pet monkey’s name and keep asking “Come come, you want apple or banana? apple or banana?” and swinging the said fruits baits in his face but not giving him any.

Damn annoying can.

You know how torturing it is to publish this entry. I have to (present tense cuz i’m still doing it, for half an hour already bloody hiao) keep looking at the connection signal and click “publish post” immediately once i see that two second green light, (It feels like playing “whack the chipmunk” arcade game except that i’m whacking the “publish” button. And i fail miserably -__-) and the next thing i know is that it turns red again. Then the “Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail. Test connection now. Contacting… warning shows up.

Fucckaccino. I feel so disconnected. 🙁

Anycheese. I’m now also highly convinced that chronically spastic MSN nudgers are, well… sigh. I don’t even want to elaborate on that.

See it for yourself la.

Sorry. Blame my PMS. I need some choccie. Or banana. Or choco fudge banana cheesecake. 🙁

I don’t even know if it is published now. 🙁
Bear with my typo if there’s any. No time to proof read. 🙁

33 responses to “Apple or banana?”

  1. carol says:

    haha it’s published! and he sounds like a psycho, lol… wanna go die go die la..keke.. 🙂

  2. plue_lp says:

    hahaha.. wat a bugger…

  3. funnycheese says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. yshan says:

    Maybe you can set your msn personal setting “allow me to send and receive nudges” as off? On it again when you want to nudge people is a pretty good idea to get away from these annoying freaks. Another idea would be just block him. (:

  5. errr says:

    What a nudge(or izit nut) case!!!!i bet he is a fan of James Blunt’s MV. I wonder where and when he is going to jump off…. like i care. @_o LOL

  6. ~*blurcase*~ says:

    haha…he changed his name midway thru…tsk tsk tsk…half-arsed wuzzie!…

  7. errr says:

    Instead of chipmunk, “whack the webbit” instead. O_o!!!

  8. Selfairy says:

    He’s so sadistic. LoL.. But there’s always that “block” button to save you all the trouble and hassle for dealing with these freaks. xD

  9. a2blog says:

    yeah.. cheese.. block him. hehe.. and one thing for sure.. your post is up..

    I had similar problem with streamyx couple weeks back. and i’m having some connectivity to the internet at the moment now..

    i do agree with you.. feeling disconnected..

  10. babyBluey says:

    aw, shiznit. screw the asshole and forget all about em.
    block him ^_^

  11. damion says:

    btw, sample of your header is ready…
    you know where to reach me..

  12. mizzvickz says:

    block only la . . . ppl like these are so damn irritating. lol.

  13. astrosurge says:

    that was a funny yet an annoying bugger..rather entertaining i say. is fun to have these kinda entertainer at times, but not at times when old aunty Mancy doing her spot checks.


  14. Angel says:

    fuh…online stalker…

  15. Anonymous says:

    i wonder if your msn block list is FULL??…

    KNN,since msn got so many irritating ppl, STOP use it la!


  16. Asyraf Lee says:

    PMS = Perempuan Merbahaya Syndrom? 😛

  17. CraSH says:

    hmm.. maybe you should give him someone elses number.. who is also annoying!! LOL….

  18. La - Kopi says:

    Set your status to busy and you wouldn’t hear the irritating nudge.

  19. asada says:

    haha.. dun block him… coz he is a classic entertainer. sugoku omoshiroi ne. ^Q^

  20. ah nel says:

    lucky its translate as i’m banana(cant read chinese)but like to eat it…hehe

    so much pervert interested in cheese huh???

    just blocked them…my fren ask me why i blocked a pretty lady from my msn…she ANNOYING me by all the time talking about MLM and became her biz partner…kns…

    i prefer a fren to chat and going out limteh with nothing to do with MLM or any biz…cheh…

    just blocked the worm before its spoild the cheese… 🙂

  21. Kelly Siew says:

    lol wat an idiot..!

  22. ronlim says:

    GAH! stalker! moron! KILL KILL KILL

  23. Matthew says:

    this sounds so like me with my wifi connection in my hostel…see the lights lit up…wham! hit ur left mouse button…i feel sorry for my mouse..squeak!

  24. Porkie says:

    This must be prettyboy’s relative because they seem to share the same level of IQ :oP

    Just block him already lah, your heart is too kind to keep putting up with idiots like these!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    You got talent to write creative thing instead of crap like this…

    ooppss,it’s your PMS…


  26. cheesie says:

    funnycheese: sorry, your comment is deleted. No name pointing here. Have some basic respect for others.

    Crash: Dammit, i should match him with PrettyBoy Malaysia.

    ah nel: Right? the damn MLM thing is so irritating. Everytime my this girl friend calls me, she has ulterior motives like wanting me to join some kind of talks and MLM parties. With Amber Chia as bait. Haha.

    Anonie (17:28): Yea. Care to donate some choccie?

  27. BeanCurd says:

    hahaha, ….
    Real Idiot ! So Lame!

  28. errr says:

    hi cindy,just in case u r here and miss my last comment. Why dont u leave your chat contact behind. We’ll make sure u have your fair share of attention. alternate email address and H/P no. r both optional but equally welcome. looking fwd to hear from u. 🙂 don’t keep us waiting for too long.

  29. endroo G says:

    wooh. The worst buaya of this generation. Moron.

  30. Tiger says:

    hahahaa… very irritating indeed. but u seem very nice to him, still haven’t blocked. keke

  31. enhaw82 says:

    that dude sure is desperate….din know u know chinese :p

  32. endroo G says:

    Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?

    [picked from a song]

  33. hayabusa says:

    你做了个明智的选择,一个号码都不给他,搞到他生不如死,高招,高招。。。eh, why am i writing in chinese geh? nvm la… wonder if i dunwana die/ i wana die is dead already not… or maybe he’s now having a new name… 我生不如死 。。。i’m a better off dead… haha…lol

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