Pun of the day:
I really don’t want to discard this lovely Valentine… πŸ™

I was doing some spring cleaning back in Seremban (btw, why must it be spring? Shouldn’t we change it to summer to suit local weather?).

And I found something.

A valentine.

No, someone didn’t give it to me. *I* bought it. Four years ago. I didn’t buy it because I had someone in mind, I bought it just because that was the sweetest valentine card I’d ever seen.

Ok la, I did have someone in mind, but that person could never be mine, so forget it man. I’m cheese-paring and I’m not gonna waste RM9.80 on someone who doesn’t give a cheese about me.

Four freaking years have passed and it’s still lying at the very bottom of my drawer next to my bed, beneath dozens of letters and other rubbish I never bothered to throw away. Now I know where those lonely sighs I hear every night come from.

Poor valentine.

I’ve joined Friendster for almost three years, and all along my relationship status has always stayed at “single”. Everytime I was ever so quietly happy, and about to click “edit profile” and select “in a relationship”, shit happens.

Every freaking time.

It doesn’t even give me a chance to try the “its complicated” option for fun. (Btw, dont you just love that term? It is a free pardon to the land of debauchery, and it allows you to run away from your responsibilities.)

Why liddat huh? I also dunno.

I suspect I’ve used up all my quota of luck God gave me. All at once during my SPM days.

Dear God, I’m deeply regretful now. You can take back those 9A1s, those coins I picked up from the streets, those spot-on wild guesses, and those extra mozzarella toppings the chefs accidentally splashed on my pizzas.

Have them all, please.

Can I trade them for someone who wouldn’t give me all the dreams I ever hope for, just to break my heart in the end?

God, please show me the potential recipient of the valentine I bought four years ago. I’ve been waiting.

The last person I want to give it to is the dustbin.