Pun of the day:
Another newspaperance!

Weekend Mail–Sofa Session

Topic–“Does size matter”?

click to enlarge the *ahem*.

The online version is not available though. And my name became Ringo Tab in one of the captions.


You guys missed out on a lot of juicy stuff. There were so many things we talked about, but all were not published to preserve your innocence. =P

Anyway, back to the pictures. There, we received our free lunch at Planet Hollywood for our hard work.

==Behind the scenes==

ss2 by you.
Delicious pizza. I was too hungry to remember its name though.

ss3 by you.
Cheesy finger snacks platter

ss1 by you.
Claudia, Cheesie, Sonia

ss5 by you.
Super-sweet-like-cotton-candy Claudia

ss4 by you.
Bubbly-like-coca-cola-fizz Sonia

I’ve been out lepaking a lot for the past few days. Stay cheesed for more updates. 😀